Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Meet my new baby girl

Last Sunday hubs had to go on a call for work. When we left the house we saw a dog running around the neighborhood and it did not have a collar or anything on her. When we came back 2 hrs later she was still running around. We decided to pick her up because it was a chilly day. When we tried to pick it up she was running all around to the busy road by our house etc. Then she ran back to the spot we saw her first. We stopped and asked around to see if it belongs to the people living that area and they said that it was not them. Anyway we lost her and we decided to go home to get some meat and look for her. We took our dogs and went for a walk to see if we could find her. Hubby saw her sitting on top of a flower pot :(...Hubs gave her some turkey deli meat and she refused to eat it but she didn't run away because hubs quickly leash her up. Hubs rang the bell of the owner of the flower pot to see if it was their dog. The guy said that is not their dog and he could not keep it because his wife is allergic to dogs and he saw her wandering around the night before too. It was pretty cold the night before! Hubs took her and we went home. I quickly bath her and we fed her some food. She was shivering because I think she was just shock but yet she was so tired too. She took a nap ate some food and she is such a cute little thing. Within a couple of hours she made herself at home. She is just a great gal (so far).
I put her in the boys crate at first because she looked so tired and she was ready for a nap but obviously the others would not let her nap in peace.
Then Uncle Richie wrapped her up with the blanket downstairs and she slept for a little bit. She's such a joy because she is so good but our only problem is she doesn't know how to walk properly when she is leased and she has problem going to the bathroom if we leash her up.


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