Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Char Chu Yoke or Hakka Braised Pork II

I made the same dish here many moon months ago. I made some changes to the previous recipes and made it even more tasty!! 

Some of the difference I made to my original recipe was

1) I marinate my pork with more nam yue (about 8-10 cubes with more liquid)

2) Added more garlic 

I think this dish taste better (taste more nam yue) with more nam yue. I think I used slighly too much nam yue cause it is slightly salty if eaten just by itself but when you eat it with rice or noodles it taste just perfect!! I used almost a whole bottle of nam yue! LOL. I would definitely use this recipe again because it really hit the spot. I now have a few containers of char chu yoke sitting in my freezer for when I have craving for them or when I run out of ideas too cook or when I'm too lazy to cook all I have to do is defrost one container, boil rice and stir fry some vegetables. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sweet soft buns

I've been using this recipe to make bun/bread for more than a year now. I first discovered this recipe last year when my mom was here and I would sometimes make raisin/cinnamon raisin bread. My mom does not eat cinnamon but she likes raisin bread and all raisin bread in the store has cinnamon so since I know how to make bread might as well I make my own bread for her. At least I know is healthy and with no preservative. I was thinking of using this method but I am not always successful with this method and I don't always get a perfect loaf hence I decided to find another method. This recipes has NOT disappointed me so far even after many attempts on making it. It is super soft and yummy!!They usually soft for days but of course is the best when is fresh out of the oven :)


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