Thursday, June 26, 2008


I'm trying to sneak in some time to blog. There is so much that I want to blog about but the time that I'm thinking of using to blog might not allow me to blog everything that I have in my mind.
I'm getting even more nervous about moving now. Yesterday marks the last day for me at Menards. I've had my share of bad and good times there. Yesterday they had a little pot luck for me even though it's the busiest time of the week and they even gave me a farewell card. I was really touched! I took the card out again today and read it and it actually made me tear. I really miss so of them there.
Fast the home inspector(private) came and inspected our home. Most of the stuff seems fine and not a ton to worry about but I was sick to my stomach just waiting and waiting for the results. Another thing is worrying me is the buyers loan inspection meaning because they are applying for a federal loan call the FHA loan (not sure what it means) they are going to need to have a FHA inspector come and inspect the house too and from what I heard from the home inspector today they can be pretty strict on the inspection. Our biggest problem is that we are trying to leave by tomorrow, latest Saturday therefore we won't be here when the FHA inspector comes and if there is anything that needs to be done we are not able to do it and will have to depend on FIL *faint*..that's why hubby and I are (more me) kind of freaking out.
Rewind...The last couple of weeks hubby's sister, aunt and uncle have been trying to find a place for us there. At first we were suppose to rent hubby's aunt's neighbour's house but all of a sudden the lady said that she don't have time to clean up her house and her new husband just wants her to sell it (WTF) first she said it was a good idea and then she suddenly changed her mind. Hubby was starting to freak out and get stress because we want to find a place and move in as soon as we get there. He's out of town training for his job, and the house inspector was coming but he can't get home in time. I'm freaking out over EVERYTHING! but anyway as of right now we found a house and they are suppose to be processing our applications (apparently when you rent down there there is a process of credit and back ground checks etc)
So here I am sneaking in some time (I'm suppose to be packing/cleaning), waiting for hubby to return hopefully in the next 5 hrs maybe. I miss blogging/taking with everyone..I can't wait to have my normal life back.
Rewind..another thing that's making me nervous is I NEED to find a job down there which I've heard from everyone that's not a problem but I do have problems finding jobs so let's just cross my fingers and see when I get there.
I'll hopefully try and update more as we start our journey....

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Quick Recap

I'm still pretty busy but not as bad as I've been for the past month..Past month have been just a havoc in my life..

- Painted the whole house
- Changed the kitchen floor
- Packed a bunch of boxes
- Clean the house
- Tried to sell my furniture
- Get work done
- Got the house in the market

We have finally decided WE'LL BE MOVING! Gosh I've been so busy that I've been too tired to feel and excitement but we're hoping that once we start our journey we can be excited. This was kind off a surprise because hubby didn't really want to do it at the beginning and he decided thought we should give it a world..HOUSTON here we come!!I can't wait for the good food, good shopping and fun stuff to do!Hooray!!Anyway I'll be back hopefully soon/more..

p/s: Dar we need to talk again sooon..I'm hoping that we can still meet before I leave town...we shall see because we are leaving end of the month actually..Talk to you soon kay *hugz*

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Will be back..

It's not that I'm being lazy..I don't even have enough time to sleep moreover blog. I have been really busy at work AND at home..I am going to update really soon as soon as everything settles in a little more..Promise to be back with updates really soon.



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