Saturday, June 14, 2008

Quick Recap

I'm still pretty busy but not as bad as I've been for the past month..Past month have been just a havoc in my life..

- Painted the whole house
- Changed the kitchen floor
- Packed a bunch of boxes
- Clean the house
- Tried to sell my furniture
- Get work done
- Got the house in the market

We have finally decided WE'LL BE MOVING! Gosh I've been so busy that I've been too tired to feel and excitement but we're hoping that once we start our journey we can be excited. This was kind off a surprise because hubby didn't really want to do it at the beginning and he decided thought we should give it a world..HOUSTON here we come!!I can't wait for the good food, good shopping and fun stuff to do!Hooray!!Anyway I'll be back hopefully soon/more..

p/s: Dar we need to talk again sooon..I'm hoping that we can still meet before I leave town...we shall see because we are leaving end of the month actually..Talk to you soon kay *hugz*


Shern's mom said...

Moving is tedious, but that's half the fun of moving right. Enjoy your new place, and remember to share some photos too.

Skwermy said... sads! :( I want to meet you before you leave..... you have my number right?

Sunshine said...

Shern's mom..moving cross country can sum up in a word STRESSFUL!!...Will try and post more photos soon...miss my little shern

Sunshine said...

Dar...nope I don't have ur should give it to me..when are u expecting to go back?


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