Monday, January 31, 2011


  • In my effort to cook more at home this year I decided to make some lasagna since I had craving for some plus it freezes well. I also had a some ground turkey in my freezer that I was going to use it up so I decided to make some turkey lasagna from scratch instead of using a can of spaghetti sauce.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Hubs is not your typical American person. He likes eating steak but just every once in a while. I've tried making steak at home a few times but hubs doesn't really care for it. Every once in a while we would have a steak when we go out and it. Until recently I found a way to make steak without needing to use the grill because it can be a pain in my you know what to start the grill just to make a piece of steak. 

One day when we ran to the store to get some milk hubs suddenly said that he wanted steak. I don't normally buy steak at home so I told him that we were going to have to get some. When you just run to the store to grab something buying steak when is not on sale can be quite expensive but since we don't normally get steak we just bought some. I don't even remember which cut we bought but I think it cost about $8/lbs or more. It might be cheap cut for those steak lover out there. 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chocolate Cake

I was working like crazy for quite some time and have decided that it was wearing me down hence I decided that I didn't want to work so many hours anymore. Every since I've cut my hours I've had more time to spend in my kitchen to make real food for my family. I am not sure why even though I have more time to cook we still go out to eat the same amount. 

I had craving for some chocolate cake and decided I will make some since I don't fancy buying or eating cake from the store because is always too very sweet for me. 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Asian Style Spaghetti

Yesterday I was craving for some stir fry noodles but after work hubs and I decided to roam around Ikea after I got done working; so I didn't know what time we would be back and did not defrost any meat. We got back from Ikea about 4:30pm and I had no idea what to cook for dinner. 

Later in the evening I just decided to have a can of soup with some crackers. A can of soup and stir fry noodles are nothing alike! I decided that today after work I would come home and stir fry some noodles for dinner. 

I was not sure what kind of noodles I wanted to stir fry or how I was going to cook my noodles. After eating my Curry Noodles for a few meals straight I was highly heaty and my mom suggested that I stay away from fried and spicy food.  So I figured I would cook something simple. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Caramel Rolls II

Ever since the weather turned cold I've been in the mood to bake breads again. I don't know why but I just love the process of baking bread and the outcome of the product (that's if is a success). I love the aroma when the bread is done baking and making it just helps me regroup my thoughts and myself. 

I was browsing through Florence's blog one day and I saw her wonderfully soft bread recipe and I decided that I needed to try it. I actually didn't start the kneading until about noon because I was actually contemplating on making a loaf of bread or buns. I finally decided that I will use this recipe to make some caramel rolls since it was hubby's favorite and I've not made them in a long time.

Curry Laksa/Curry Noodles

The weather has been really crazy lately..Not only there are snow storms everywhere but the temperature is dropping drastically even where even here in the South. Ever since the temperature dropped I've been craving for warm soupy stuff.  On Sunday I made hubby take me to the store so that we can get ingredients to make Chili. When we got home we cut everything up and dump it in the crock pot and had a warm bowl of chili the next day.

I was really craving for some Curry Laksa since is so cold but I had to work on Monday and didn't have time to go get the ingredients for it so I had to postpone the idea of cooking some to another day. That day I made the hubs take me to one of the Chinese Buffet that I like to patronize hoping that it will help my craving for Curry Laksa. It didn't help that much and I knew that the next day I would go to the store to buy the ingredients since is my day off.

I was really lazy to go out the next day as it was really cold out and I could hear the wind howling from my house. I knew that it would be a cold walk from my front door to my house but I decided to brave it and go get the ingredients I needed.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Lasting moments

I am really going to try harder to update my blog this year. To begin my first meal for the new year hubs brought me to have dim sum(no picture coz we were too hungry).

I don't have the perfect hubby and yes we do argue here and there but at times I think mu hub can be the sweetest person toe. Just now I forgot to take my water bottle so I texted him to take it up for me since he's not made his way up yet. Unfortunately he didt get my msg till he got up and I was actually ready to go back downstairs to take the bottle my wonderful hubby actually went downstairs to take my bottle for me. <_>

Another incident was two weeks ago when I got up in the middle of the night and could not sleep because hubs was snoring. I would wake him up but a few seconds later we would fall back asleep and continue snoring! Finally I was so frustrated I woke him up and told him I could not sleep plus I had to work the next day so inwas getting really irritated! He was so sweet to promise to sit up and not fall asleep until I sleep *_*!! I thougt that was super sweet of him! Well he did fall asleep shortly after I did but je was still sitting up when I got up for work the next morning.

I really think that some of these sweet moments deserve a recognition and I appreciate it! Thank u so much hubby! I am glad I have u in my u lots..xoxo


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