Thursday, March 25, 2010

Converting Waste to Energy

I get really amazed every time when I read interesting information on how people now are trying to save the planet. A great company N-Viro International Corporation develops and licenses its technology to municipalities and private companies. Their patented processes use lime and/or mineral-rich, combustion byproducts to treat, pasteurize, immobilize and convert wastewater sludge and other bio-organic wastes into biomineral agricultural and soil-enrichment products with real market value.

The company and management expect to develop the N-Viro Fuel technology with other power facilities within the United States and anticipates international acceptance for the N-Viro Fuel technology. With the technology that's so widely available converting waste to energy will be a such an awesome thing for our environment.

Recently N-Viro acquired the Volusia County facility located in Daytona, Florida. Our Florida N-Viro facility processes municipal bio solids into N-Viro Soil from many municipalities in the central Florida area. Hopefully we can obtain N-Viro soon here in Texas.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Christmas Giveaway (Back dated post)

This post is long over due. I was supposed to blog about this but I've been so busy that I barely have time to blog or even play on my facebook! ^_^

Gert from My Kitchen Snippets had a Christmas Giveaway obviously during the Christmas season 2009 and she was giving away books (which was the exact same one that I saw in the book store and wanted to get it) and I decided to participate in him hoping that I will win. Since I don't go on the computer all the time I set my phone up to receive emails and one day when I was at work I got the email from Gert that I won the book! I was ecstatic because I really wanted the book. I didn't put much hope that I would actually be picked but I was extremely happy when she asked me for my address to send the book to me!

I would love to thank Gert deep down from my heart for having this giveaway and generously giving away the books! Although at this moment I don't have time to utilize this book but as soon as I have time I will definitely utilize the book to the maximum. Thank you again for the book! xoxo


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