Monday, August 23, 2010

A perfect loaf

Ever since I got this  I've been trying to make a loaf of bread when ever we run out of bread. I've been really satisfied with the taste and texture of my bread but I've not had very good luck making a PERFECT square bread with this.
My first few attempts using my Pullman bread pan. I did not modify the recipes enough so that it has enough dough to rise to the top to make a PERFECT loaf. I tried using my Pullman pan every time I needed to make a loaf of bread for the last 3-4 times and every time it was a disappointment.  Hubby said that he thought when I bought this pan he would get a perfect shaped and tasty homemade bread :P.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cesar Pork Chops

I've really been trying to cook more so that we don't have to eat out so often. We managed to stay home to eat for 10 days in a row (excepts some lunches). I managed to crack my head and whip up either simple stuff or preparing it before I go to work and having hubby reheating it or cooking it when he gets back from work if he's earlier than me or I'll do it when I get back.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Denny's Restaurant

I've been missing for quite some time. There is so much as usual to blog about but I am just not finding the time to do it. I've been hooked on to reading the twilight series and now I'm so hooked on to it that my first two series I spend every of my waking hour reading the book. Nothing much is done at home except for the basic cleaning and cooking! (I am super horrible hence I now decided that I will take my time with this 3rd and 4th series to get my priorities straight)

Anyway hub's birthday was beginning of the month but on his birthday itself I had to work so we pre-celebrated his birthday. Two days before his birthday we went to his favorite Mexican restaurant. The next morning hubby and I woke up to have breakfast at the nearby Denny's restaurant then headed to shops that he wanted to go since it was his birthday.

Hubby order a Denny's plate or something. It came with two pancake, two eggs and a bacon.


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