Friday, September 28, 2012

Aglio Olio II

I have a very active, mischievous  and constantly needs my attention toddler so any meal hearty,  simple, fast, easy and yummy dish is my kind of meal. I've learn to look for meals that I can prepare in a jiffy but also nutritious and taste good instead of solely relying on instant noodles. Aglio Olio fits my bill and I always wonder why I've never made this more often. Since blogging about it here I've not made it again yet. The beauty about this dish is you can almost use anything or nothing (as in just olive oil, noodles and garlic) to make it. Since I'm only attempting to cook only one dish meal I need to incorporate my other food group to make my meal a nutritious, hearty and balanced meal. 

Anyway yesterday I decided to make this dish without the shrimp/prawns. Recipe can be found here. Instead I added tomatoes and some baked salmon. I could have cooked my salmon before cooking my noodles in the pan but since I'm baking the salmon for my little man I figure might as well I just do it all at once. 

This time I made a slightly bigger batch and could not finish my meal so I kept it for lunch the next day.  It was really torturous for me because I loved it so much but could not eat everything last night and was wanting to eat them soon. Today, I was desperately just waiting for lunch so I can eat the left overs. My little toddler was sleeping so I had to actually wait till he got up before I can eat so we can both have lunch together!

I finally warmed them up and dig into it! Yum it hit the spot! It even tasted good the next day just warming them up in the microwave. I am sure if I ever go back to work and make lunch for work this would totally be the dish I would make often because it is super simple and yummy. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Homemade Kaya II (Coconut Jam)

I've made Kaya once or twice after my attempt here but did not blog about it.  Every since I saw Frozen Wing  post about Kaya and that she used duck eggs to make Kaya I was curious to see how good it will taste. I've been searching for duck eggs for quite some time now because I've been wanting to make salted eggs using duck eggs but could not find any at the grocery store. When I used to work one of my client that has a farm said that they have duck and their duck will lay eggs and they don't eat them. They offered to give me some but has never given me any. I swagbuck and actually found some online and at one point I was so desperate I almost got some online but decided that not to.

Search & Win

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Blogging, readers, comments

I've been wanting to blog about this topic for a long time. I've been blogging for a fare amount of time and I've "met" and read many blogs and comments from the writer and readers. I've "met" many wonderful blogger through blogging and I'm very happy that I started blogging because I've learned so much from different blogger out there. I also sometimes read blogs that is out of my norm (I'm more into reading blogs about other mom's and also cooking)

I personally feel when someone reads other people's blog and if you don't like what you are reading keep those comments to your self! Why do you want to make nasty comments about what other people has to say? If you don't like a person's blog or writing just don't read it! Simple as that!

For example (I am not friends with her but I do occasionally read her blog. I found out about her blog because of how unique her bf now husband propose to her!) She was blogging about how her brother and his gf almost got robbed etc. The comment started with how her a reader don't like her bro's current gf because she was the cause of his break up with his ex etc or how she blog about her mom was only thankful for the safety of her bro and not the gf as well.  I don't know this blogger at all but I so sad reading comments like this. I am trying to wonder is it because people are just jealous since she is a famous blogger or because people have nothing to do. Even when she blogged about her proposal I notice she mentioned that only one hate comment! Really? Why do people do that? What ever people write is truly up to them and if you don't like to read DO NOT GO TO THAT BLOG!!!

Another blog that I often visit; here she was just sharing about her new purchase but yet there is actually someone out there that is so RUDE and make a nasty comment about her!

This person that wrote this comment probably don't even know the blogger! and if he or she does and do not like this blogger then DO NOT associate and I've said this many time DO NOT VISIT this site!

I know there are A LOT more blogger out there that actually receive nasty comments about what ever they are writing about. I am not going to go through ever single blog I know or don't know and write it here. I myself have been in this same exact position. I am not going to go into detail about my own experience but I just want to get this out my chest. It really makes me very angry when I see comments like this since I've been though the same situation. Maybe I'm not as great of a person as these other blogger who can just brush it off.

For me, I just want to be able to blog about things I like or dislike, Stuff that makes me happy or unhappy or JUST WHAT EVER I WANT TO BLOG ABOUT!! regardless of whether someone else likes to read them or not! Just GROW UP if you haven't or just go to hell!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Mushroom and Shrimp Aglio Olio

I made this yesterday.. So this post is actually a new post!! Lol I am hoping if I actually hit the publish button I will be more motivated to start posting or actually finish all my other saved entries. I just don't get much opportunity to sit down in front of my Mac to write proper entry. I know I have a smart phone but blogging is just not the same when you are blogging from the phone!

Anyway back to Aglio Olio...I've been wanting to make this dish since my friend told me about it. She told me about this dish way before I was pregnant and now my baby is almost 15months so go figure..I've been craving for pasta these two days (cause my cousin mention she was going to make pasta for dinner and after that it was good etc..)I was thinking of making shrimp scampi but I decided that I needed to make something quick and simple. My toddler skipped his afternoon nap( semi cranky toddler) and I had to clean the floor before I could make this because we have an invasion on raspberry ants!!  By the time I was done prepping, cooking and eating I was behind schedule. I wanted to put him to bed earlier but that didn't happen and thankfully  after I showered him hub was able to put him to bed while I took my shower.

Anyway.. My only regret is I didn't make this earlier!!! I really like it. It actually reminds me of a quick stir fry asian noodle probably because of the chili padi! Lol


6-10 cleaned shelled shrimp
8-10 cloves of chopped garlic
1 cup of sliced mushroom
Salt and Pepper
2-3 chili padi ( bird's eye chili) chopped/ red pepper flakes
A few table spoon of cream or milk or water from cooking the pasta
1/3-1/4 cup Olive oil
One serving of pasta cooked in boiling salt water till al dente
Handful of fresh Parmesan cheese (optional)

1) Cook pasta according to direction till al dente
2) Heat pan (I used my cast iron pan) and add olive oil followed by garlic and chili padi
3) Slightly sautée the garlic and chili then add mushroom. Cook till water evaporate from the mushroom.
4) Add shrimp and give it a quick stir. Season with salt and pepper.
5) Drain cooked pasta and add it to the mixture. Drizzle a few tables spoon of cream/milk/ water from the pasta to the pasta while mixing them up with the rest.
6) Garnish with Parmesan cheese and parsley.

I love this dish so much I already thaw out the shrimp to make another batch tonight for dinner!! I love anything spicy!! I'm sure it will taste as good if I just used crush pepper. My only problem was I added slightly more olive oil so it was slightly more oily than I would like..Oh well cooking is usually about trail and error..


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