Friday, September 28, 2012

Aglio Olio II

I have a very active, mischievous  and constantly needs my attention toddler so any meal hearty,  simple, fast, easy and yummy dish is my kind of meal. I've learn to look for meals that I can prepare in a jiffy but also nutritious and taste good instead of solely relying on instant noodles. Aglio Olio fits my bill and I always wonder why I've never made this more often. Since blogging about it here I've not made it again yet. The beauty about this dish is you can almost use anything or nothing (as in just olive oil, noodles and garlic) to make it. Since I'm only attempting to cook only one dish meal I need to incorporate my other food group to make my meal a nutritious, hearty and balanced meal. 

Anyway yesterday I decided to make this dish without the shrimp/prawns. Recipe can be found here. Instead I added tomatoes and some baked salmon. I could have cooked my salmon before cooking my noodles in the pan but since I'm baking the salmon for my little man I figure might as well I just do it all at once. 

This time I made a slightly bigger batch and could not finish my meal so I kept it for lunch the next day.  It was really torturous for me because I loved it so much but could not eat everything last night and was wanting to eat them soon. Today, I was desperately just waiting for lunch so I can eat the left overs. My little toddler was sleeping so I had to actually wait till he got up before I can eat so we can both have lunch together!

I finally warmed them up and dig into it! Yum it hit the spot! It even tasted good the next day just warming them up in the microwave. I am sure if I ever go back to work and make lunch for work this would totally be the dish I would make often because it is super simple and yummy. 

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