Monday, September 24, 2012

Homemade Kaya II (Coconut Jam)

I've made Kaya once or twice after my attempt here but did not blog about it.  Every since I saw Frozen Wing  post about Kaya and that she used duck eggs to make Kaya I was curious to see how good it will taste. I've been searching for duck eggs for quite some time now because I've been wanting to make salted eggs using duck eggs but could not find any at the grocery store. When I used to work one of my client that has a farm said that they have duck and their duck will lay eggs and they don't eat them. They offered to give me some but has never given me any. I swagbuck and actually found some online and at one point I was so desperate I almost got some online but decided that not to.

Search & Win

I was reading some of the homemakers blogs and they did mention they get their meat, eggs, milk etc from farmers near them. I decided to swagbuck and found some farmers around my area that actually sells farm raised meat, eggs, vegetables, milk and DUCK EGGS too!! I was really excited and has been asking the hubs to see which farm is the closest to us and bring me there. 

Hubs did not bring me to the farm yet but he did find a farmer's market that sells all sort of things straight from the farm. We went and visit the farmers market a few months ago and I was not expecting to see duck eggs but I did!! I was really happy and excited! Being the greedy me I quickly bought two dozen of duck eggs. They cost $5.50/dozen which I thought it was slightly expensive but as hubs said if you are looking for it and cannot find it anywhere is actually a great deal. lol.

Anyway after buying them I quickly made salted eggs with them (hopefully I can blog about them someday..) and I had the greatest intention on making Kaya for the longest time with the rest of them. Weeks passed and I still haven't done anything to it and have not even made anything with it. I've been slowly using them to eat like chicken eggs. We've also been busy and have been going out weekends. Weekday my toddler would definitely not allow me to spend about 45-60 minutes on the stove while he play. Finally yesterday late afternoon I decided that I really want to make some Kaya. I all of the ingredients because I've been meaning to make them and so I didn't have to run out to get anything. 

Caramelizing the sugar

Stir stir stir


8 eggs
400g sugar
400ml santan
4 pandan leaves
6 tbsp sugar+120ml water (for caramel)


1. Whisk the eggs and sugar until the sugar dissolves. Pour in the santan and mix well.

2. Make the caramel by heating the 6 tbsp sugar and water until it turns to an amber liquid. Keep a close eye when it changes from colourless to brown as it will burn fast. If you find it is a bit thick, add some more liquid to dilute it. Otherwise you will have trouble pouring it into the egg-santan mix. You can omit this step if you don't want the brown kind of kaya.

3. Sieve the egg-santan mix into a heavy bottomed pan (important to use a heavy bottomed pan because you don't want to burn the kaya with a thin pot. A thick bottom has better heat distribution and less hot spots) over very low fire. Slowly pour in the caramel while whisking non-stop. Don't worry if the caramel turns into clumps. It will dissolved later. 


3. Use a double boiler

4. Stir and stir and stir until it becomes thick! It took me almost an hour.

5. I sterilise my jam jar by placing a wet jar into the oven and switching it on to the lowest setting. Once you see the jar is dry, it's sterilised. Should be done before your kaya is ready.

Yummy Homemade Kaya

I actually got this recipe from my cousin when I saw her making her Kaya with success. She actually used chicken eggs. After I made it and took a first bite I kick my self in the butt and wonder how come I didn't make this earlier! I am not sure if it's because I used duck eggs to make it but it hit the spot! It tasted just how I remembered! My only problem was I didn't caramelized the sugar water enough hence my Kaya is not brown but I don't care at all as long as it taste good. 

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