Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lunch in a hurry

When mom and dad was here dad's job was to help dust the house and watch the dogs while mom would be busy in the kitchen and dust the house too when I was gone to work or anywhere. So when mom left mom made a bunch of food and we were either eating food mom made or ate out. 

Since mom and dad left for home about a week ago we have eaten almost everything that she's cooked. Since most days I don't go to work till noon or later I've been trying to eat something heavier before going to work so I will just need to snack on something light and then leave work and be home at about 8ish to have dinner with the hubs. 

Lately all I've been eating is ramen with lots of vegs and added ingredients like fish balls or chicken etc. I've not been cooking because I've been busy with work or I get home too late from work.

My lunch is suppose to tie me through at work until I get an opportunity to come home to eat with the hubs. Hubby and I normally try to wait for each other to eat our dinner since we don't get to see each other or eat with each other through out the day.

This is a big bowl of ramen and if you are thinking if I'm capable of finish them up yes I did. It is mostly lots of vegetables and fish balls in my ramen anyway today there was even an egg in it for additional protein :). Healthy? maybe not but will it tie me through till I get done with work including a small snack at work hopefully!

Monday, April 26, 2010

I miss.....

having them home with me when I'm at home
eating my meals with them
going out with them shopping for anything from groceries to clothes
getting up knowing that they are here with me
having them make my meals for me
ironing my clothes
doing my laundry
cleaning my house
playing with the puppies or taking them out for walks
coming home from work and have dinner ready for me
and most importantly I just miss spending time with them

Oh how I miss my parents so much! I've just been crazy with work ever since they left. Today my manager was nice enough to give me a day off because I've just been working too much! I'm thankful for that because I'm so beat that I really need the day off but now that I'm home I just miss my parents so much. Their room is untouched is still how it was when they left. I cannot stand the thought that they have gone home and I don't know when again I'll see them again. 

I think I'm just very emotional right now. I mean I know that I can always fly home or they can always fly here to see me but I just feel sad because my parents are not getting any younger and I want to take responsibility on taking care of them and I feel horrible because I am so far away and I cannot take care of them when they need me.

I know being at home today does not help the matter any better but I do have a lot of housework to attend to if I'll move my butt but at this moment in time I just don't have any motivation to do anything but just to sit around!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Family Time

I've got a gazillion back dated post which I've been planning to post but had not have any time on hand to actually sit in front of the computer to write. I have some spare time today and decided to update a little.

In February the in laws came to visit for a few days but I was swamped with work and was working every single day. I only spend a day with them which was Sunday because it was my off day. 

Then I found out that my Mom and Dad was coming to visit me in April! I was pretty excited yet nervous because initially they were suppose come over to visit in August. Our company is launching a new software and we were not suppose to take any days off one week before and one week of the launch. I didn't know about that and had to get approval from my manager. My manager was fine with it but our Market Director would not allow me to take off without pay because she said that I don't have the privileged since I have not accumulated any Vacation Days. I was pretty upset about it but decided to make do with what I could get away with.

So a month before mom and dad came we had to clean the house and rearrange the stuff in the house. We were cleaning and rearranging until the eleventh hour before they arrived! We managed to get about 30 minutes to rest before rushing to the airport to pick them up!

It was a nice and relaxing visit for them I think. We didn't really do much because I am not sure what to do here except shopping. My parents basically chilled the first day they were here as I had to work all day. Then we went shopping every day and ate! The only weekend we had we went over to Austin, TX but didn't get to do much because the weather was not cooperating. It was raining when we left and was raining when we went there. Austin has a lot of places to see and visit but they are all out doors and we don't have an umbrella there plus it consists a lot of working and my dad cannot walk that much because his knee bothers him. I've told him countless times to get that check when he gets home. He thinks that he might need a knee replacement but he needs to consult the specialist and I told him not to wait any longer.

So instead of staying there a few night the next day we decided to head back and just hang out in Houston. We went for Dim Sum on Saturday and also to the Asian grocery stores which was nice because I've not been to the Asian grocery store for a very long time since I started working so I was able to stock up on some of my Asian groceries. My mom also showed me how to make the Chinese Wine for cooking so that I could have some since I love to eat them.

Mom and Dad didn't do a lot of shopping here as they will have to pay to check in their luggage so they tried not to buy too much and bought most of their stuff at my sister's place. They still bought quite a bit here although they tried so hard not to since there were some stuff they didn't see when they were at my sis's place.

I had to go back to work straightaway the moment I send them off because they were launching the new software the next day and technically I was suppose to be at work days before that but since my manager is so great to me they decided to work around me and thankfully I have no problems using the new software.

Life has started to be back to normal apart from the fact that this week I would be super busy catching up and helping at work. I've not even had time to sit around and be sad since my parents left my place. I am really sad inside but in a way I am glad that I've been so busy with work that I don't have time to think about anything. I really miss my parents a lot and I know that I'll always be their little girl :). 

Today they flew off from my sister's place for home. I didn't even get a chance to talk to them before they flew off. Since I am working half a day today I have some time at home hence blogging today. I am really sad that they are gone but I know that this is part of life. This is the road I chose and this is the consequences that I have to face. I just hope that I can see them more and spend more time with them as they are both aging.


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