Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lunch in a hurry

When mom and dad was here dad's job was to help dust the house and watch the dogs while mom would be busy in the kitchen and dust the house too when I was gone to work or anywhere. So when mom left mom made a bunch of food and we were either eating food mom made or ate out. 

Since mom and dad left for home about a week ago we have eaten almost everything that she's cooked. Since most days I don't go to work till noon or later I've been trying to eat something heavier before going to work so I will just need to snack on something light and then leave work and be home at about 8ish to have dinner with the hubs. 

Lately all I've been eating is ramen with lots of vegs and added ingredients like fish balls or chicken etc. I've not been cooking because I've been busy with work or I get home too late from work.

My lunch is suppose to tie me through at work until I get an opportunity to come home to eat with the hubs. Hubby and I normally try to wait for each other to eat our dinner since we don't get to see each other or eat with each other through out the day.

This is a big bowl of ramen and if you are thinking if I'm capable of finish them up yes I did. It is mostly lots of vegetables and fish balls in my ramen anyway today there was even an egg in it for additional protein :). Healthy? maybe not but will it tie me through till I get done with work including a small snack at work hopefully!


2crazydogs said...

I love noodles....any kind of noodles I can eat. that bowl of ramen you have, i can finish up too. My weekends I always have instant noodles...big bowl with veggies, eggs and beef/pork balls.

Sunshine said...

I love noodles too more than rice but sometimes I'll crave for rice when I have not had them in a long time..LOL...

When hub and family see me eat this bowl of noodles they will cringe coz they are surprise I can eat so much and I'm the smallest in the family (Amercian standard) I always put a lot of liu in mine. I don't like to eat plan noodles so eating raman is not that cheap too..hahah..

Sass O said...

oh you crazy noodle woman! hahaha....i havent had noodles in so long now. i miss my instant noodles!!

Sunshine said...

Sass u no need to eat instant noodle!u have time to cook eleborate meals!if I have time to cook eleborate meals I would not make them too...wait I lie :p I think I still would :)I love instant noodles especially when is chilly out :)


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