Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I changed it AGAIN!!!

At the end of January (not quite sure of the dates) I changed the kids food because I read a lot of review that Canidae All Life Stage Formula Chicken, Turkey, Lamb, and Fish Meals Dry Dog Food was a crappy dog food because they changed their recipe and a lot of people was having problems after feeding their dogs. Although I did not have any problems with the boys (We didn't have my baby girl at that time) I decided to change their food. A friend and the people at the store recommended California Natural Lamb Meal and Rice Adult Dry Dog Food to us and we tried them. Stanely's poop was still runny and he was still puking white/yellow foam here and there. When it was time for me to go to the store (I went by myself) to buy their dog food I was telling her about Stanley etc and she recommended Orijen Adult Formula Dry Dog Food to us. Orijen has been working well for us but it is getting pretty expensive to buy this dog food to feed all 3 of them. 

I will not give them dog food that has grain in them anymore because ever since all 3 of them have been on grain free (Stanley especially) I can see a lot of improvement in their bowl movement. A 29lbs bag last us about 1-1.5 months and it cost about $80 per bag I've been trying to find a cheaper grain free food out there. 

It is so much cheaper than Orijen and is also grain free! I was so excited because it is almost time for me to buy their food again. I just bought a bag of food for them about a week or two before my parents came now I am needing to buy them again. I called the pet store and tried to find out more information about this food and she told me that many people are switching their pets to this brand because is gran free and is a cheaper than a lot of grain free food out there. I was hyped and got the hubs to go get a bag so I can start switching them over. Hubby just found time to grab a bag and I think I'll be slowly switching them today or tomorrow. I've read online and have not really seen any negative rating so lets hope that this one will work for them.

I know a lot of people asked me why do I always change their dog food and how come I would spend so much time researching their dog food and my answer is not because I have time but my dogs are important to me and I want the best for them even though is much more expensive than a lot of brand. I decided to keep them and have them in my home I will try my best to give them what they need.

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