Thursday, November 29, 2007

Stanley First Class/Training

I was nervous all day and not know what to expect. I rushed home after work so that I can do stuff around the house a little before going to the school and because it's our first day I had to go there a little earlier so that I can pay for it first. He was soo hyper and excited. *faint*..Anyway I think we learn a lot in our first class. I find it pretty exciting yet interesting the key to this is CONSISTENCY and COMMITMENT..He really respects/scared of his teacher. I like her because she's those kind of no nonsense people which is fine with me because I don't want to deal with his nonsense..She had a small poodle OMG he was so very discipline how I wish Stanley was like that. I forgot to take some pictures while she was showing us her dog..Argghh last minute I managed to take a little video of Stanley and his daddy "training"

About 3/4 of the video you can see his teacher walking in the middle.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Stanley is going to start his schooling tomorrow...Wish us luck..The reason why we chose this school was because a lot of people recommended us but after signing up for it I heard ONE remark that she is really rude..her last name is also Rude actually..LOL..Anyway that made a tad bit nervous after hearing it because I am afraid that Stanley will not do go and she will make nasty remarks about us/Stanley..Well I'm also not sure whether is this such a big deal the story was one of my co worker her cousin took their dog to this school too. Their dogs would not climb up or down the stair and nothing they did work. So when they went for their lesson they were carrying their dog upstairs and the instructor saw they. She asked them what are you doing and they replied that their dog would not go up or down stairs no matter what they did. She asked them do you want me to teach you how to train him to do that and so they said yes she took the dog from them and just threw him down the stairs. Well obviously now the dog is willing to go up and down the stairs. I said thank god I've managed to train Stanley to go up and down the stairs..;) I guess I should not be too dramatic because of one story but then it still makes me nervous because I've never been to any of these kind of classes and don't know what to expect. I was thinking of signing him to some one on one classes but then the vet suggested that we should let him interact with some other people and animals too that's why we decided this would be the best. Therefore wish me luck *finger cross* everything will be alright..I hope i remember to take my camera so that I can take some pictures.
I was also going to wait till tomorrow to bath him after his class but then I really cannot stand his smell already. He smells like a dog! I always tell hubby that he he tells me that Stanley IS a dog and I cannot stand that smell so I had to bath him today. I could not wait even 1hour..On average he gets bath 2x a week unless he gets really dirty he gets bath more. I like a clean dog so that I can cuddle up with him all the time.
Since we are on the subject of Stanley, I think I have a little regret..I was going to buy him a Coach collar/collar and leash but then hubby said No..I know it's a little ridiculous to want to get him those but then I think it was so pretty..Maybe the next time I go there I'll try and persuade him again..hahaha but another part of me feels like he won't even know how to appreciate it and moreover I'm not celebrity i think my dog don't need to use so expensive stuff...
Will try and remember to take some pictures of his first class and post them up..LOL..toodles got to go cuddle with my nice smelling dog now..

Sunday, November 25, 2007

True Blue Award

I got this award from mummy Shern. I'm so very honoured to receive this award.

Mummy Shern has helped me with the Pay Per Post thingy and every other things I've asked her. I'm glad that I came across her blog. She is a hot young mama with a cute and handsome boy. I hope someday I'll be able to see mummy and baby Shern..

I'm hereby passing my award to Sass, Yee Leng and Skwermy .

What a weekend...

Hubby had to make up my birthday for me since we were at the cabin during my birthday. He started by buying me ice cream cake from Dairy Queen two weeks ago. The it was my birthday present..we were so busy the last few weekends that we didn't have time to go to the mall to get my present so we went this weekend since we had 4days holiday we decided to go Saturday and man there was tons and tons of people every where..

Stanley and me..

This was my totters in vinegar that I made two weekends ago..yummy..I absolutely love this dish. I've been craving this dish for a long long time.

Some of the damaged done this weekend. The green Coach and red one is mine but the brown one is for SIL. I know she loves Coach and since MIL will be going down to Texas Christmas time I suggested that we buy SIL a Coach purse. There was one more blue signature collection that hubby and I like but then we decided that two this time would be enough..LOL..I also bought some clothing and a sweater from Gap. We bought some odds and ends this weekend which includes an air compressor for hubby (I'm not the only one that's buying stuff).

SIL has announced her wedding that will be held on March 19 2007. We are so excited and hubby and I are hoping that we are going to be able to make it to Houston, Texas.

I think we should be done making damages in our bank accounts for the mean time hopefully until we do some Christmas shopping I guess...*faint* I hate yet LOVE year end..

Today we were trying to peel, core and chopped some apples that we bought to freeze. I try not to give Stanley any human food but his daddy loves to give him any food that he eats. I will give Stanley fruits and vegetables but I don't want to give him any meat but obviously his daddy has given him a little before. Anyway his daddy wanted to see if he would quit eating when he's food. I told him that dogs won't and he suggested that we gave him the whole apple that's peel and cored for him to eat to just see how many he'll eat. Our apples weren't very big but he ate SIX (6) if them! We had to stop giving him because we knew that he would still eat more if we have him more. The poor boy he had diarrhea and he was actually feeling sick. We could see his tummy bloated..opss....We learned our lessons and we would never do that to the poor boy again. I think we actually inflicted misery in him..Stanley mummy is really sorry for allowing/agreeing to do this to you. Luckily it looks like he's getting better..:P

Back to work tomorrow. It's really nice/fun/relaxing this weekend. The next one I'll be looking forward to will be Christmas and New Year holiday.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Swollen eyes

I got up this morning was tired/lazy (as usual) my eyes started to itch so I assumed because I was kind off still tired beginning rubbing it and scratching it. Went to the bathroom to check what was irritating my eyes to find that my eyes and surrounding was swollen and red! It looked I cried the whole night or I was red from drinking too much. Quickly woke A up to check it out and obviously he had no suggestions and proceed going back to sleep &&^*$^^&..Cleaned up, changed and put my make up on although it was swollen I am hoping that the redness will be covered by the make up. It was really itchy the whole morning and the swelling didn't go away. Called up A and told him about my condition. I was thinking of just going to see a Doctor but A said we should called the registered nurse hotline that our insurance offers. I did and after 101 million questions she told me that I should not put anything on it or take any medication but to go consult a doctor. Went back to my table told my manager that I had to go see the doctor and I would try and be back. X called in and told him that she'll be in at 11am. I left at 11am and she was still not there. I felt a little bad just leaving to of my co workers to deal with the line but the itching was driving crazy and I was nervous it might be something bad.

Called A on the way to the doctor and told him that I was on my way to the doctor office. I had to wait 1.5 hrs in the waiting room and then was only called in to the consultation room and I think I waited for about another 15 minutes in the consultation room..$%^# some people still have to work..arghh..The nurse first took my history, readings etc and then after that 15 minutes the doctor came in. He asked me what's wrong blah blah blah suddenly someone knocked on the door. Assuming it was the nurse the doctor opened the door A showed up and came in because it was so long since I called him..He thought it was something major and it took such a long time or I could not drive. Continue with my consultation and to find out that it might be allergies and I could just buy over the counter medication...&^%*. That was the first thing I wanted to do this morning anyway but then I didn't think that I had allergies and I didn't know what to take..arghh...Wasted my time and money...sigh

My eyes are still swollen and red and after I went back to the office I took some medication. I was sooo sleepy I could barely keep my eyes open. I rushed back as soon as it was time to leave. I didn't even bother working up the hours that I missed...I wonder what I'm allergic too...hmpp...maybe is A lol... Luckily I went back to work because X never showed up and I wonder what happened to her..

P/S: I was surprise A was so sweet to show up..He said that its for brownie points in case he gets into trouble next time..hehehe

Saturday, November 17, 2007


Initially I had all these GREAT ideas on what I wanted to do when the hubby was gone. As stated on my previous post, I was going to go out shopping or maybe even take Stanley out to the pet store etc..I manged to sleep in a little before Stanley work me up because he was whining. I got up and took him out, fed him, clean a little and made brunch for myself. Nothing special just instant noodles but I started watching my TVB series..Men don't cry and got myself addicted to it as usual. I haven't been watching anything lately because I have just been too busy. Therefore I just decided to stay home and veg around. Today is also Stanley is the day Stanley has his bath (I bath him twice a week). At about 3pm I was starting to prepare my dinner I was going to have Trotters in Vinegar and some stir fry vegetables. I was busy skinning the ginger and Stanley was telling me that he needed to go out several times. So I quickly skinned it and stir fry the ginger quickly as stated. Then I dump the wet ingredients to simmer while I got ready to take Stanley out (it's cold out now so I have to bundle myself and not apply make up so don't get me wrong). I was planning to take him for a walk before giving him a bath. We walked down the road to my house and the wind was just killing me so I decided that I will let Stanley run around the yard before giving him a bath. I leashed him up and I made sure that it was secure and before I could blink my eyes there was an animal up the hill opposite my house. Stanley just zoom and ran away. I was shocked because I know I leashed him up well I quickly ran in the house and grab a treat hoping to trick him. The hill is pretty steep and I am all puffed and bundled up therefore it's pretty difficult for me to climb up the hill too. I was standing at the bottom of the hill. I saw Stanley at the very top of the hill chasing some freaking animal. I called and called him he just went further and further away until I could not see him. I was thinking good bye my baby I'm never going to see him again..sob sob..He's going to be up there or some where and he's going to come down eventually and get run over by the cars at the busy road down my house. I made my way up a little slowly and suddenly I saw Stanley..I showed him the treat I had and he was hesitant for a little while but he ran to the treat. I grabbed him while he was attempting to grab the treat. I carried him down and fell because the hill was so steep but I also held on to him tight so that he is not able to run away again. Walked back to our yard and took the his collar in the house. The plastic clip of the collar snapped I think it's because he was pulling so hard and we have been taking and putting it on him which made the plastic weak that's why it broke. I bathed him and attended to my pork. Turned off the stove and I had to go out because I had to get another collar for him. Called hubby while all these was happening but he didn't answer his call because I'm thinking that he was in the woods and obviously didn't answer my call. He called after I was done bathing Stanley and I told him the whole story. He thought that I could wait till he gets home before I go get another collar because I don't even know what kind to get him but I could not wait as I need to take him out tomorrow morning. He told me to take his old collar and go to the store and just try and get the same size. I went to the store and bought TWO collar one steel once and the other one it's like buckle kind not the plastic buckle kind but like the once we use for belts. I also bought him some new treats which I think his daddy is not going to be too happy because I was just supposed to get him one collar instead I came home with TWO and TREATS..I was so happy being there by myself because I get to buy what I want for him. If his daddy was there I would be grumbled at LOL..
I was planning to go out tomorrow instead of today. I didn't want to leave my house and get my fat ass of the couch but then apparently I had to. *sigh*..This is the SECOND time this week I almost lost Stanley..arghh...His daddy suggested that we should take him to training class ASAP and suggested that I call the school up soon. I called the training school and got some information now I just have to ask daddy which day will suit him best. It's going to cost us money and time but then if he can behave better we think that it's worth the money. I kind off told the lady on the phone about him and she obviously suggests that we bring him in. I am hoping that some schooling for him will do us good. I cannot imagine losing him some other way..
What an interesting Saturday I had..*faint*Back to my movies now..
p/s: If you were wondering how my pork tasted....I didn't end up eating my pork because I was starving by the time I got back from the store. Will report on my pork tomorrow when I have it for brunch I reckon..LOL

Friday, November 16, 2007

Present for the puppy

Stanley's new kennel arrived today..OMG I didn't think that it would be that big but I am sure Stanley will like that better because he can stretch all out now without being confined in the smaller one.

Daddy has gone hunting this weekend. It's opening weekend tomorrow and he'll be gone a couple of days. He didn't take our little buddy with him because that will scare away the deers and so that he can accompany me. I was thinking of going shopping this weekend but then I know that the mall will be pack! moreover I am really tired and sleepy this week I guess if I feel up to it I could go for a little while. I was planning to take Stanley to the pet store with him to see what we can get for him but then I really think that we should be done spending money on him and I am not sure I can handle him in the store with the other pets and people however if I am determined enough I think I will give it a try. MIL said that Stanley is such a social butterfly and he just loves to be around people *faint* which makes it worst because it's so difficult to control him.

The other day after I got back from work and took him out I didn't leash him properly. The dogs from the corner house was barking and he was pulling the leash and it got unhooked. I thought he was going to run out to the busy street but luckily he was more interested to find out about the dogs that he was just around there. It took me a few seconds to leash him back but at that moment my heart almost stopped because it was after work hours and there were plenty of cars on the roads and knowing Stanley he would just run out without caring about anything..His daddy warned me that I must be careful because if anything ever happens to him I will never forget myself and if it was him I just would not forgive him therefore I should always make sure that his leash is secured. He knows how precious Stanley is to me and he knows that I will never forgive myself.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Friday Morning..

Stanley has been slipping back to his old habit. He'll piddle a little while daddy tries to put the leash on him before they go out. I think it's because he's just too excited but daddy is not really happy with it. Friday morning he piddled again and landed a little on his daddy's shoes..Boy daddy was upset with him..he got a little spanking and scolding from daddy. So I cleaned him up after he came back inside as I was doing that he helped himself to some of my cereal that I was having for breakfast. The milk splattered on the chair and some on his face. I yelled at him and he was so scared he piddled a little on the floor. Then I made him go down his play pan straightaway.

I felt so very bad the whole day at work. The poor boy he was scared shitless because he was yelled at by two people the same morning!!I felt like just going home from work to go home and pat/hug him and tell him I still loved him..Well I could not get out of work just to go home to be with him so as soon as the clock struck 4:30pm I was out of there..I rushed home to be with my little boy..Daddy is still a little upset him him but he's also not. We were watching the today's show video clip on the Internet on how to house train your dog and it reminded us that it takes a long time to house train them. It can take up to 2 yrs..I felt so bad but it reminded me that I should have more patient with him that he's just still little..I tried to make it up to him by playing with him a bunch and taking him out with his during the weekends when we can..LOL..

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Stanley had a hell of a time at the cabin..There were 5 people there..mummy, daddy, grandpa, grandma and his uncle to love him..He was so busy and was constantly in the middle of the attention he barely took his naps..the best thing for him was he was even allowed on the couch!!!I didn't bring my camera but we took some pictures of him with grandpa's phone. He was so tired on our way back that he didn't even whine heck I was also tired that I slept the whole way home..

Work has been really really busy this week. I am not trying to make any time because I'm not even planning on taking off but I'm working a lot of hours. Monday a lady took off because her daughter was sick and today a girl took off because she was sick. I am working in the customer service department and because it's the peek season there are many many phone calls with damage or missing items etc..They just threw me in like go answer the phone with no training what so ever BUT they are always there to help me so I can help the customers..It's been really busy but I'm really really enjoying work. I am really enjoying learning new things almost everyday. I was very nervous the first few times I answered the calls which I am not because I don't feel adequate to answer questions but it's a little better..

A stopped by and pick me up after school this evening to supposedly stop by at the grocery store to pick up some stuff..We ended up going to the pet store before that because daddy wanted to get Stanley another toy..We spend $20 buying him a toy last Sunday but then he broke it in 20 minutes so daddy went online and did some research to find the toughest toy he can find..We finally bought him new metal crate too yesterday..oh gosh this week we spend almost $200 on Stanley already..*faint*..he is a very spoil dog..MIL and BIL was comparing us with BIL (her other older son) saying that BIL's dog gets nothing and the attention where as Stanley is sooo lucky..I am hoping that we are really really done spending big chucks of money on him..We then stopped by at some other store before that. I went to walk around at the clothing store while A went to the electronic store. I have been so tired because I've been getting up early and going to bed late that I've been so tired I don't even have the mood/energy to shop..I just browse thru it and decided that I want to leave. I noticed today that as I'm older I don't even want to buy those really high heels shoes anymore. I tried on two nine west shoes; boots and working shoes. They were both about 3+inches tall and I don't even feel like buying it. I am assuming either because I'm older or I'm just too tired to make a decision.. A was surprised that I was done so quickly because normally when I'm in there I can take forever..I also figured I can wait with my shopping craze until we go for my birthday shopping spree. A was going to get me an LV handbag that we've chosen but I decided that I we should wait till Christmas. I decided that I wanted Coach handbag for my birthday rather than LV. I would use the Coach more just because I barely even use the LV's that I have now. That time I can charge my battery full and hopefully find lots of nice things and good deals..I haven't been on any shopping trips since last month..sob sob..

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Blogging from the Cabin…

Sitting in front of the warm fireplace overlooking the lake reading a good book would be relaxing after a long week. We decided to head up to the cabin with FIL, MIL and BIL for the weekend. A’s been wanting to come up here to relax and my only motive was to take Stanley up so that he could run around and play out in the woods since he has never been up here before.
I wasn’t planning to leave work earlier because A didn’t mention anything until he told me that MIL was getting done with work on Friday at 12:30pm..I discussed it with him to whether he wanted me to try and get done with work early on Friday so that it would get too late by the time we got there. We decided that if my boss didn’t have a problem with it then I would go ahead and leave a couple of hours earlier. I went to work earlier on Thursday to speak to my boss and he said that he didn’t have a problem with it but if something came up he hoped that I would be able to stay back and help with it which was fair and I didn’t mind. On Friday for some reason I could not really sleep and got up at 5am by 5:30 am I was like I’m going to get ready and go to work. I’m not going to wait around until my alarm rings! I washed up had breakfast and went into the room to make up and change. A woke up and asked what time it was and what time I got up etc..He said that I was “sick” to get up so early for work!!LOL..I really don’t mind working at this place in fact I love working here. The stuff I do can be pretty boring but the best part is I’m learning new stuff everyday and I really like most people I work with..This is the first time I’m enjoying actually going to work. I was at work by 6:45am and by 2:20pm I was getting ready to leave at 2:30pm when an urgent order came and needed to be looked over that day. My boss asked me to look over it before it was being finalized. I did that I left by 2:45pm and he apologized but I told him that it was fine because we agreed that I would help out if something came up. A and I got home almost the same time. We took our shower, loaded that car and left at about 4pm..He has a lot of last minute things to take when I told him numerous times to pack the beginning of the week so that we can leave when we got back from work but it was alright because FIL and MIL had to wait for BIL to get done with school before they could even leave so we were still earlier than them. We stopped by at some stores mainly because Stanley finally broke him last one and only toy so his daddy wanted to buy him another one. This week alone he cost me about $50 because I had to buy some flea medication for him too..When we get home we are going to get his crate too..Everyone thinks that we spoil him too much now but I think that if we took the responsibility to have him we should give him whatever we can and not deprive him. I don’t understand some people when they have pets, they don’t even take time to spend with them or even buy them any toys or treats. All they do is take feed them and give them a place to stay? What’s the point of that? They need to feel love and they need to be given attention too because they are just like humans I think in a way..Anyway we finally reached the bar that we were going to have dinner and had dinner with FIL, MIL and BIL. We arrived at the cabin at about 8ish..I was reading while the boys. A and BIL was doing their homework. I was beat after the long day and proceed to go to be at about midnight.
My faithful little companion heard people walking around and started to whine to get out of the kennel at about 8ish…Daddy got up and took him up while I lay in bed for 10 more minutes…FIL made breakfast and I helped to cut some vegetables. After breakfast FIL and BIL was going partridge hunting and MIL went with them. A was watching a movie for school while I read my book and ate junk food…We decided to go for a bike ride in the evening and I felt like shit on our way back. I hate those gravel roads..It was really difficult for me to ride on it and I felt like I was not getting back. All I wanted to do was push my bike back and walk the rest of the way. I am pretty sure that I’m not totally out of stamina it was just that the roads really sucked ass..This would be my first and last time biking up here I rather go for a long walk with my little baby..Stanley is just enjoying himself being outdoor and being with everybody. I don’t think he’s going to like the idea that we will be going back tomorrow noon…


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