Friday, November 16, 2007

Present for the puppy

Stanley's new kennel arrived today..OMG I didn't think that it would be that big but I am sure Stanley will like that better because he can stretch all out now without being confined in the smaller one.

Daddy has gone hunting this weekend. It's opening weekend tomorrow and he'll be gone a couple of days. He didn't take our little buddy with him because that will scare away the deers and so that he can accompany me. I was thinking of going shopping this weekend but then I know that the mall will be pack! moreover I am really tired and sleepy this week I guess if I feel up to it I could go for a little while. I was planning to take Stanley to the pet store with him to see what we can get for him but then I really think that we should be done spending money on him and I am not sure I can handle him in the store with the other pets and people however if I am determined enough I think I will give it a try. MIL said that Stanley is such a social butterfly and he just loves to be around people *faint* which makes it worst because it's so difficult to control him.

The other day after I got back from work and took him out I didn't leash him properly. The dogs from the corner house was barking and he was pulling the leash and it got unhooked. I thought he was going to run out to the busy street but luckily he was more interested to find out about the dogs that he was just around there. It took me a few seconds to leash him back but at that moment my heart almost stopped because it was after work hours and there were plenty of cars on the roads and knowing Stanley he would just run out without caring about anything..His daddy warned me that I must be careful because if anything ever happens to him I will never forget myself and if it was him I just would not forgive him therefore I should always make sure that his leash is secured. He knows how precious Stanley is to me and he knows that I will never forgive myself.


shern's mom said...

how lucky is stanley to have such wonderful daddy and mummy. so you got his a new pressie, and you're thinkin of buyin more! oh, spoilt dog. haha..

Sunshine said...

Mummy Shern I won't really call it lucky you should see when he gets yelling and smacking when he's naughty...LOL..He is quite spoil but we try to be his leader before being his parents/friend..He needs to be discipline before we spoil him.


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