Thursday, November 29, 2007

Stanley First Class/Training

I was nervous all day and not know what to expect. I rushed home after work so that I can do stuff around the house a little before going to the school and because it's our first day I had to go there a little earlier so that I can pay for it first. He was soo hyper and excited. *faint*..Anyway I think we learn a lot in our first class. I find it pretty exciting yet interesting the key to this is CONSISTENCY and COMMITMENT..He really respects/scared of his teacher. I like her because she's those kind of no nonsense people which is fine with me because I don't want to deal with his nonsense..She had a small poodle OMG he was so very discipline how I wish Stanley was like that. I forgot to take some pictures while she was showing us her dog..Argghh last minute I managed to take a little video of Stanley and his daddy "training"

About 3/4 of the video you can see his teacher walking in the middle.


shern's mom said...

oh man, stanley now goes to school? what a good life this dog dog can only envy.

Sunshine said...

Hahah..Shern's mummy did you see how many times he ran off and it was so difficult for me to catch up.We are sending him to school hoping that he'll behave/listen better..I have no more thoughts on how to train him and schooling would be the best place. It's quite fun too and I'm enjoying it..


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