Sunday, November 25, 2007

What a weekend...

Hubby had to make up my birthday for me since we were at the cabin during my birthday. He started by buying me ice cream cake from Dairy Queen two weeks ago. The it was my birthday present..we were so busy the last few weekends that we didn't have time to go to the mall to get my present so we went this weekend since we had 4days holiday we decided to go Saturday and man there was tons and tons of people every where..

Stanley and me..

This was my totters in vinegar that I made two weekends ago..yummy..I absolutely love this dish. I've been craving this dish for a long long time.

Some of the damaged done this weekend. The green Coach and red one is mine but the brown one is for SIL. I know she loves Coach and since MIL will be going down to Texas Christmas time I suggested that we buy SIL a Coach purse. There was one more blue signature collection that hubby and I like but then we decided that two this time would be enough..LOL..I also bought some clothing and a sweater from Gap. We bought some odds and ends this weekend which includes an air compressor for hubby (I'm not the only one that's buying stuff).

SIL has announced her wedding that will be held on March 19 2007. We are so excited and hubby and I are hoping that we are going to be able to make it to Houston, Texas.

I think we should be done making damages in our bank accounts for the mean time hopefully until we do some Christmas shopping I guess...*faint* I hate yet LOVE year end..

Today we were trying to peel, core and chopped some apples that we bought to freeze. I try not to give Stanley any human food but his daddy loves to give him any food that he eats. I will give Stanley fruits and vegetables but I don't want to give him any meat but obviously his daddy has given him a little before. Anyway his daddy wanted to see if he would quit eating when he's food. I told him that dogs won't and he suggested that we gave him the whole apple that's peel and cored for him to eat to just see how many he'll eat. Our apples weren't very big but he ate SIX (6) if them! We had to stop giving him because we knew that he would still eat more if we have him more. The poor boy he had diarrhea and he was actually feeling sick. We could see his tummy bloated..opss....We learned our lessons and we would never do that to the poor boy again. I think we actually inflicted misery in him..Stanley mummy is really sorry for allowing/agreeing to do this to you. Luckily it looks like he's getting better..:P

Back to work tomorrow. It's really nice/fun/relaxing this weekend. The next one I'll be looking forward to will be Christmas and New Year holiday.


zara's mama said...

Pigs trotter? Not pregnant?

6 apples for Stanley? Oh boy.. Even humans will have diarhea (probably body de-toxing) :P

He's quite greedy though.

Happy Birthday to you! And I always thought Diary Queen is local, didn't know US has it too.

shern's mom said...

another shopaholic here, hehe..
i love the coach bags, simple and nice.
poor boy, zara's mama probably is right, body detoxing. haha..

Sunshine said...

I love pig trotters since I was little..and trust me I'm not pregnant and not in confinment..LOL..
We've heard that dogs are really greddy and they don't know when to stop eating and this kind off proves it. We wanted to give him more but then I really don't want a vet bill..hahah..They have diary queen in Kl now too??
I am TRULY and proud to be a shopaholic actually..LOL. I choose these handbags because it was casual and my hubby said that he wants me to take it to work coz a lot of my other purse just like decorations in the closet..heheh


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