Saturday, November 10, 2007

Friday Morning..

Stanley has been slipping back to his old habit. He'll piddle a little while daddy tries to put the leash on him before they go out. I think it's because he's just too excited but daddy is not really happy with it. Friday morning he piddled again and landed a little on his daddy's shoes..Boy daddy was upset with him..he got a little spanking and scolding from daddy. So I cleaned him up after he came back inside as I was doing that he helped himself to some of my cereal that I was having for breakfast. The milk splattered on the chair and some on his face. I yelled at him and he was so scared he piddled a little on the floor. Then I made him go down his play pan straightaway.

I felt so very bad the whole day at work. The poor boy he was scared shitless because he was yelled at by two people the same morning!!I felt like just going home from work to go home and pat/hug him and tell him I still loved him..Well I could not get out of work just to go home to be with him so as soon as the clock struck 4:30pm I was out of there..I rushed home to be with my little boy..Daddy is still a little upset him him but he's also not. We were watching the today's show video clip on the Internet on how to house train your dog and it reminded us that it takes a long time to house train them. It can take up to 2 yrs..I felt so bad but it reminded me that I should have more patient with him that he's just still little..I tried to make it up to him by playing with him a bunch and taking him out with his during the weekends when we can..LOL..


zara's mama said...

Even his bladder is empty, he'll still piddle?

Poor fella getting yelled at, but I would yell to if it was me.

Sunshine said...

hahah..I think he's either scared or too excited..that's what the vet said..
He's just a handful sometimes..


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