Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Stanley is going to start his schooling tomorrow...Wish us luck..The reason why we chose this school was because a lot of people recommended us but after signing up for it I heard ONE remark that she is really rude..her last name is also Rude actually..LOL..Anyway that made a tad bit nervous after hearing it because I am afraid that Stanley will not do go and she will make nasty remarks about us/Stanley..Well I'm also not sure whether is this such a big deal the story was one of my co worker her cousin took their dog to this school too. Their dogs would not climb up or down the stair and nothing they did work. So when they went for their lesson they were carrying their dog upstairs and the instructor saw they. She asked them what are you doing and they replied that their dog would not go up or down stairs no matter what they did. She asked them do you want me to teach you how to train him to do that and so they said yes she took the dog from them and just threw him down the stairs. Well obviously now the dog is willing to go up and down the stairs. I said thank god I've managed to train Stanley to go up and down the stairs..;) I guess I should not be too dramatic because of one story but then it still makes me nervous because I've never been to any of these kind of classes and don't know what to expect. I was thinking of signing him to some one on one classes but then the vet suggested that we should let him interact with some other people and animals too that's why we decided this would be the best. Therefore wish me luck *finger cross* everything will be alright..I hope i remember to take my camera so that I can take some pictures.
I was also going to wait till tomorrow to bath him after his class but then I really cannot stand his smell already. He smells like a dog! I always tell hubby that he he tells me that Stanley IS a dog and I cannot stand that smell so I had to bath him today. I could not wait even 1hour..On average he gets bath 2x a week unless he gets really dirty he gets bath more. I like a clean dog so that I can cuddle up with him all the time.
Since we are on the subject of Stanley, I think I have a little regret..I was going to buy him a Coach collar/collar and leash but then hubby said No..I know it's a little ridiculous to want to get him those but then I think it was so pretty..Maybe the next time I go there I'll try and persuade him again..hahaha but another part of me feels like he won't even know how to appreciate it and moreover I'm not celebrity i think my dog don't need to use so expensive stuff...
Will try and remember to take some pictures of his first class and post them up..LOL..toodles got to go cuddle with my nice smelling dog now..


Sass said...


do NOT shower stanley so often.

once a week is plenty.

you will eventually ruin his coat and create a more sensitive skin.

if you don't want him to smell, perhaps give him a thorough wipe down with a damp cloth and sprinkle some baby powder on the coat.

you can even buy him some doggie perfume.

Sunshine said...

Really..I thought it was fine since he does not have sensitive skin now..I will try baby powder now I think..Thanks for the info..*hugz*

BTW is it alright to use baby powder on him?


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