Monday, November 19, 2007

Swollen eyes

I got up this morning was tired/lazy (as usual) my eyes started to itch so I assumed because I was kind off still tired beginning rubbing it and scratching it. Went to the bathroom to check what was irritating my eyes to find that my eyes and surrounding was swollen and red! It looked I cried the whole night or I was red from drinking too much. Quickly woke A up to check it out and obviously he had no suggestions and proceed going back to sleep &&^*$^^&..Cleaned up, changed and put my make up on although it was swollen I am hoping that the redness will be covered by the make up. It was really itchy the whole morning and the swelling didn't go away. Called up A and told him about my condition. I was thinking of just going to see a Doctor but A said we should called the registered nurse hotline that our insurance offers. I did and after 101 million questions she told me that I should not put anything on it or take any medication but to go consult a doctor. Went back to my table told my manager that I had to go see the doctor and I would try and be back. X called in and told him that she'll be in at 11am. I left at 11am and she was still not there. I felt a little bad just leaving to of my co workers to deal with the line but the itching was driving crazy and I was nervous it might be something bad.

Called A on the way to the doctor and told him that I was on my way to the doctor office. I had to wait 1.5 hrs in the waiting room and then was only called in to the consultation room and I think I waited for about another 15 minutes in the consultation room..$%^# some people still have to work..arghh..The nurse first took my history, readings etc and then after that 15 minutes the doctor came in. He asked me what's wrong blah blah blah suddenly someone knocked on the door. Assuming it was the nurse the doctor opened the door A showed up and came in because it was so long since I called him..He thought it was something major and it took such a long time or I could not drive. Continue with my consultation and to find out that it might be allergies and I could just buy over the counter medication...&^%*. That was the first thing I wanted to do this morning anyway but then I didn't think that I had allergies and I didn't know what to take..arghh...Wasted my time and money...sigh

My eyes are still swollen and red and after I went back to the office I took some medication. I was sooo sleepy I could barely keep my eyes open. I rushed back as soon as it was time to leave. I didn't even bother working up the hours that I missed...I wonder what I'm allergic too...hmpp...maybe is A lol... Luckily I went back to work because X never showed up and I wonder what happened to her..

P/S: I was surprise A was so sweet to show up..He said that its for brownie points in case he gets into trouble next time..hehehe

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