Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Stanley had a hell of a time at the cabin..There were 5 people there..mummy, daddy, grandpa, grandma and his uncle to love him..He was so busy and was constantly in the middle of the attention he barely took his naps..the best thing for him was he was even allowed on the couch!!!I didn't bring my camera but we took some pictures of him with grandpa's phone. He was so tired on our way back that he didn't even whine heck I was also tired that I slept the whole way home..

Work has been really really busy this week. I am not trying to make any time because I'm not even planning on taking off but I'm working a lot of hours. Monday a lady took off because her daughter was sick and today a girl took off because she was sick. I am working in the customer service department and because it's the peek season there are many many phone calls with damage or missing items etc..They just threw me in like go answer the phone with no training what so ever BUT they are always there to help me so I can help the customers..It's been really busy but I'm really really enjoying work. I am really enjoying learning new things almost everyday. I was very nervous the first few times I answered the calls which I am not because I don't feel adequate to answer questions but it's a little better..

A stopped by and pick me up after school this evening to supposedly stop by at the grocery store to pick up some stuff..We ended up going to the pet store before that because daddy wanted to get Stanley another toy..We spend $20 buying him a toy last Sunday but then he broke it in 20 minutes so daddy went online and did some research to find the toughest toy he can find..We finally bought him new metal crate too yesterday..oh gosh this week we spend almost $200 on Stanley already..*faint*..he is a very spoil dog..MIL and BIL was comparing us with BIL (her other older son) saying that BIL's dog gets nothing and the attention where as Stanley is sooo lucky..I am hoping that we are really really done spending big chucks of money on him..We then stopped by at some other store before that. I went to walk around at the clothing store while A went to the electronic store. I have been so tired because I've been getting up early and going to bed late that I've been so tired I don't even have the mood/energy to shop..I just browse thru it and decided that I want to leave. I noticed today that as I'm older I don't even want to buy those really high heels shoes anymore. I tried on two nine west shoes; boots and working shoes. They were both about 3+inches tall and I don't even feel like buying it. I am assuming either because I'm older or I'm just too tired to make a decision.. A was surprised that I was done so quickly because normally when I'm in there I can take forever..I also figured I can wait with my shopping craze until we go for my birthday shopping spree. A was going to get me an LV handbag that we've chosen but I decided that I we should wait till Christmas. I decided that I wanted Coach handbag for my birthday rather than LV. I would use the Coach more just because I barely even use the LV's that I have now. That time I can charge my battery full and hopefully find lots of nice things and good deals..I haven't been on any shopping trips since last month..sob sob..


shern's mom said...

wah, you daddy mommy are really spoilin your precious dog. he's one in a million lucky dog.

Sunshine said...

Haha..I just feel like it's our responsibility to give him the best we can just like for our kids right??I mean we did adopt him from the shelter to hopefully give him a better life..

zara's mama said...

I can't imagine how you'll spoil your kid when you have one..


I think LV is an indulgence but Caoch is more practical.. That's my thought any way. I'd never owned a bag more expensive than RM1000. I'm an al-cheapo.

Sunshine said...

I'm also al-cheapo..I like LV because the price would not drop..I try indulge myself once a year ever since I started working just to "reward" myself but then I think when I have kids I would not have a chance to use nice stuff coz I think they might mess it up..I like coach..I try and buy that when the budget is lesser..LOL..

I think kids are very lucky now a days..they are so spoiled..I don't have kids now I guess that's why the puppy gets spoiled..


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