Saturday, November 17, 2007


Initially I had all these GREAT ideas on what I wanted to do when the hubby was gone. As stated on my previous post, I was going to go out shopping or maybe even take Stanley out to the pet store etc..I manged to sleep in a little before Stanley work me up because he was whining. I got up and took him out, fed him, clean a little and made brunch for myself. Nothing special just instant noodles but I started watching my TVB series..Men don't cry and got myself addicted to it as usual. I haven't been watching anything lately because I have just been too busy. Therefore I just decided to stay home and veg around. Today is also Stanley is the day Stanley has his bath (I bath him twice a week). At about 3pm I was starting to prepare my dinner I was going to have Trotters in Vinegar and some stir fry vegetables. I was busy skinning the ginger and Stanley was telling me that he needed to go out several times. So I quickly skinned it and stir fry the ginger quickly as stated. Then I dump the wet ingredients to simmer while I got ready to take Stanley out (it's cold out now so I have to bundle myself and not apply make up so don't get me wrong). I was planning to take him for a walk before giving him a bath. We walked down the road to my house and the wind was just killing me so I decided that I will let Stanley run around the yard before giving him a bath. I leashed him up and I made sure that it was secure and before I could blink my eyes there was an animal up the hill opposite my house. Stanley just zoom and ran away. I was shocked because I know I leashed him up well I quickly ran in the house and grab a treat hoping to trick him. The hill is pretty steep and I am all puffed and bundled up therefore it's pretty difficult for me to climb up the hill too. I was standing at the bottom of the hill. I saw Stanley at the very top of the hill chasing some freaking animal. I called and called him he just went further and further away until I could not see him. I was thinking good bye my baby I'm never going to see him again..sob sob..He's going to be up there or some where and he's going to come down eventually and get run over by the cars at the busy road down my house. I made my way up a little slowly and suddenly I saw Stanley..I showed him the treat I had and he was hesitant for a little while but he ran to the treat. I grabbed him while he was attempting to grab the treat. I carried him down and fell because the hill was so steep but I also held on to him tight so that he is not able to run away again. Walked back to our yard and took the his collar in the house. The plastic clip of the collar snapped I think it's because he was pulling so hard and we have been taking and putting it on him which made the plastic weak that's why it broke. I bathed him and attended to my pork. Turned off the stove and I had to go out because I had to get another collar for him. Called hubby while all these was happening but he didn't answer his call because I'm thinking that he was in the woods and obviously didn't answer my call. He called after I was done bathing Stanley and I told him the whole story. He thought that I could wait till he gets home before I go get another collar because I don't even know what kind to get him but I could not wait as I need to take him out tomorrow morning. He told me to take his old collar and go to the store and just try and get the same size. I went to the store and bought TWO collar one steel once and the other one it's like buckle kind not the plastic buckle kind but like the once we use for belts. I also bought him some new treats which I think his daddy is not going to be too happy because I was just supposed to get him one collar instead I came home with TWO and TREATS..I was so happy being there by myself because I get to buy what I want for him. If his daddy was there I would be grumbled at LOL..
I was planning to go out tomorrow instead of today. I didn't want to leave my house and get my fat ass of the couch but then apparently I had to. *sigh*..This is the SECOND time this week I almost lost Stanley..arghh...His daddy suggested that we should take him to training class ASAP and suggested that I call the school up soon. I called the training school and got some information now I just have to ask daddy which day will suit him best. It's going to cost us money and time but then if he can behave better we think that it's worth the money. I kind off told the lady on the phone about him and she obviously suggests that we bring him in. I am hoping that some schooling for him will do us good. I cannot imagine losing him some other way..
What an interesting Saturday I had..*faint*Back to my movies now..
p/s: If you were wondering how my pork tasted....I didn't end up eating my pork because I was starving by the time I got back from the store. Will report on my pork tomorrow when I have it for brunch I reckon..LOL

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