Friday, August 29, 2008

Being a Mom?

I AM NOT PREGNANT! I didn't want to continue my story having friends all excited that I'm pregnant. I am just curious about a lot of things.
  • How do you know you are ready to be a mom?
  • How do you know you will not get those post pregnancy depression?
  • How do you know you will love your child/children?
  • How do you know you can afford the child?
  • How are you going to juggle between your husband and child/children?
  • How do you know the ways of bring up your child/children?
Don't get me wrong I love kids and I do want kids. I am just not sure. I've been a teenager before and I know how difficult it is dealing with teenager. I know my parents constantly worry about me.

When the kid is little you worry about them growing up. Worry about giving them all the time and attention and everything that we can afford. When they start school parents worry about their child's education and worrying about the people they mix with . High school we were whether they will graduated from high school. Whether they are paying attention in their education or with their boyfriends etc..then worry whether they will be enroll in a university, what kind of university they will be in, what will they study, worry when they are far away on their safety etc, after they graduate worry about their job on whether is people bullying them at work, worry when are they getting married, after they are married worried about when they will have kids, how will they take care of their kids blah blah blah....and the list goes on and on and on and on..

WOW..I'm so overwhelmed! How would one know that they are responsible enough for all this? Do mummy ever thought about what have they gotten themselves into or when one have kids they just fit into the mummy "mold".

So YES! I am freaking out as hubby and I talk about kids more and more. I freak out thinking about having kids and having them grow so quickly. I freak out having to have to worry about them CONSTANTLY!..I don't know this is because I don't have one yet and eventually it'll be alright. I've read some blogs that they say sometimes they get frustrated with their child although they love them dearly but some days they are just tolerating them!!Oh gosh what if that's me? I know is common because many people are admitting to it but would it mean that I'll be a bad mom?Scarry.....What if I have a rebellious child?

So many questions yet I'm not sure who to ask or where to get the answer!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


When you PAY for a service I actually expect it and when it's actually a good sum of it too...Well we are using a Realtor here in Texas to help us find a house. The reason we are using this Realtor is because we have to!!If we don't I would change him in a heart beat. Reason why we have to is because we are currently renting a place from him and if we use him we don't need to pay to break the lease(or so he told us) but anyway we've told him that we are looking for a place this price range and the area we want. He's only sent hubby some information on a couple of houses. It's so frustrating because hubby and I need to look through the websites and drive around and then call him to let him know that we want to look at this or that house. Mind you we've only looked at two houses with him so far. He's suppose the be the Realtor and he's suppose to help find houses for us to look at or at least as if we were interested in any. He doesn't really call us and the only time we talk to him is when we want to look at a house and hubby has to call him.

When we were living up North we had a Realtor too and it was very pleasant dealing with him. We bought our first house with his help and we sold it with his help too. Yes is more expensive to use a Realtor but we were leaving and we wanted the house sold and he did his job. He got everything done for us even after we moved down here. I really like using him and wouldn't mind using him again. He was always there to explain, comfort and inform us on this we needed to know. I really wish that I could afford to fly him down here to help us. We really appreciate everything he's done for us.

If I currently have a choice I would change the Realtor NOW. Beggars aren't choosers so I have to deal with this one. I can't believe is so hard to find a dependable Realtor.

p/s: I'm not the only one that dislike him even Uncle and Aunt don't care for him. Hubs used to tell me not to be so mean to him and keep comparing him with the other one but now he's starting to think like me too..See..always trust a woman's instinct.

Monday, August 25, 2008


When we were getting ready to move to Houston I suggested to hubby that we should both get a good pair of sunnies. I have a pair of Liz Clairborne's but I thought that I should get a better one since it's so sunny in Houston and a good pair of sunnies would be better for our eyes. Hubby got a pair of Oakley's a week or two after we got here and I still cannot find one! I'm an Asian and I've got pretty flat nose so not many sunnies looks good on my face when I wear them. I know Oakley has a line call Asian fit and I've been wanting to try them but the problem is Oakley stores don't really carry them in the store. The first one I tried in the store it felt kind off weird so I obviously didn't get it. While I was in the Galleria last Saturday I went into Oakley and tried their ONE AND ONLY Asian fit which fit not bad BUT it was I would say only some people will wear that! I asked the Sales Associate on where I can try them and he told me that Oakley stores don't really have them and if they do only one or two pairs and he said that you can get a ton of it online. My problem is not buying stuff online the main thing is I NEED to try them on before I will buy it because I need to see how it feels to wear them first. I cannot just go online to buy them not knowing if it'll fit me. Even the not so picky hubby would not buy his online because he wanted to try it first and see if it fits and if it looks good!So I'm so frustrated now because I am not sure how I'm going to get my hands on one Asian fit to try/buy. Maybe I should try Ray Bans too...but for some odd reason I'm stuck to getting an Oakley..hmp...


I have sweet tooth but I cannot tolerate the dessert over here in the States because I find most of them overly sweet but once in a while I will eat a few bites of the sweet stuff. When we were living up North every once in a while I will have cravings for Donuts and I would only eat Krispy Kreme Donuts because I do love their donuts in moderate amount. There was once this lady at the place I used to work brought some donuts from the gas station (which was still good donuts I've heard) and told me to eat and I told her that I don't eat any other donuts but only KrispyKreme. I never used to be so picky when I was living in Malaysia. I would eat most donuts from the bakery in Malaysia. But anyway she thought I was weird/picky because I refused to touch the donuts although I kind off had craving for one but I just didn't want to waste any of it. I totally forgot about donuts until this past couple of days. I have a craving for donuts!!There is no Krispy Kreme in Houston!!I should have asked hubby to bring some back for me from Chicago but I didn't have any craving for it that time!Anyway there is no Krispy Kreme here and I was told that Shipley Donuts instead and settled for a milk shake and fries (yummy) but still not donuts and while driving pass is comparable to Krispy Kreme so I decided to go get one and try..We were driving around yesterday looking for houses and I got hungry so I told hubby that I wanted to eat donuts and I told him that we should try Shipley because that's what we were told. To my dissapointment the paticular store that we went to was closed! I went to McD'sMcD's WE SAW ANOTHER SHIPLEY!!argghhh there is no way I could eat a donut at that time and I only wanted to have a fresh one so I pass on that but now as I'm tying this post I REALLY WANT a donut again!!I hope when I do get a chance to try Shipley's donut it will not be a disappointment. I think I'm going to be on a mission to find a good donut. This will also mean that I'm going to drive hubby crazy soon with my mission to find donuts..0_O AND only wanting to eat half maybe one piece...Any Texan out there have any donut recommendation?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Quality time with hubby

Hubby finally got back from Chicago Friday evening. I went to the airport with Uncle Richie and Aunt L to pick him up and we rushed out to eat after that because I was starving. I had not eaten any real food since hubby left because I get really lazy cooking for myself and just eat odds and ends that's home. It was so good to eat "real" warm food again...

Saturday I got up really early because lately I'm having a difficult time sleeping on the old mattress that we brought with us when we moved and on Friday I text hubs that I think we should buy a new mattress this weekend. We were thinking of getting a king size bed after we move to a house of our own so that we don't have to take so many things from this house but I could not sleep on the old mattress anymore and I needed my beauty sleep so I told hubby heck with the king size we'll just get the queen size and put this bed in the guest room next time and I would be able to get my beauty sleep for the mean time. Since I got up so earlier I suggested that we call Uncle Richie and Aunt L to see if they wanted to go out for breakfast together because we were getting hungry a little while after we got up. It was about 7:30am on a Saturday morning therefore they didn't answer their phone and we waited until about 8am and they finally called. They didn't feel like going for breakfast so we got ready and off we went for breakfast ourselves. We could not decide where we wanted to eat but we finally decided on Cracker Barrel because it tasted really good when we visited there when we were in Florida two years ago.

We order the Cracker Barrel big boy breakfast or something like that. I didn't think that the food tasted as good as I remembered or maybe this set didn't taste quite good but hubby thought it was not bad and he actually liked the ham..So I guess we will be going back there some other time.

After breakfast we decided to go to the Galleria. Uncles Richie has been asking me to go to the Galleria when hubby was gone but I decided to wait for hubby because I knew he wanted to go there too (see how nice I am 0_0 store just to look around because I didn't really see anything I was interested int he Gucci or the Dior store and hubby is telling me that he only likes GM that I was thinking of buying when it first came out but I guess it was a little too big and I'm glad I didn't buy it without looking at it. Since I normally buy my so that I can hint to hubby the once that I like. I got this Asian lady Sales Associate (no offence to any Asian lady since I'm an Asian too) she seems like she didn't want to serve me. I guess it was because hubby and I were wearing really casual and I wasn't even using any). We were walking around and I decided to go into to the LVLV or Coach so I don't think I would get anything from those stores. Anyway I went in to the store and I saw the Monogram NeverfullLV's online we don't really go into the store but since we were there I was thinking of looking at some that I spotted in eluxuryLV. I was wearing a tank top and a white abercrombie skirt with a coach bag and a flip flop while hubby was wearing a polo tee with shorts and a flip flops. I wasn't sure if it's because we were wearing so casual that she didn't really want to serve us but when ever I ask her to see something she would kind off not want to show me or she would take it out and show me and tell met he price RIGHT AWAY!..I asked her to show me a Monogram Denim Neo Cabby and she totally ignored me so I just ignored her and walked around myself then came this guy SA. He was really nice to us and he didn't even look stuck up. I was telling hubby that I would like to get a small bag and he was hyped about it because he don't like me to carry so many things went we go out so we told him and he showed me several and it was narrowed down to Monogram Canvas Eva or Monogram Canvas Accessories Pochette but if I bought the Pochette I would want to buy a longer strap and the strap would cost USD220 so we decided to get the Eva.
Another addition to my family!
Monogram Canvas Eva

After walking around the mall a little more we decided to head out and look at houses instead. I was talking to hubs in the car and I told him the reason why I didn't think of buying anything there was because I didn't like the attitude of the Asian SA. How can she judge us and ignored me like that!The other SA got everything I wanted and even showed me the Monogram Denim that I was eyeing on!Then hubs said that next time when we want to get any we will go there and if the same Asian SA would serve me I'll tell her that "the last time I came in I was not happy with your service and now I don't want you to serve me" but I then I told hubby why should I tell her all those things that's her job to serve me no matter what I'm wearing or what handbags I'm using. He said or just wear nicer and use an LV bag next time but then I was like I don't want to dress up just to impress them and use my LV bag because why should I do that? If I have the money to spend I feel like I can dress how I want or use any brand of bag that I want. Why should I purposely dress so nicely just so she will be nice to me! frustrating..I also hope the SA knows that a lot of rich people here don't necessary dress up when they go out if they don't have to. We have seen many rich people going out very very casually and driving a Ferrari or a nice car and how do I know that because we know these people! I guess she haven't heard of the saying don't judge a book by its cover.

Anyway I was a happy person that day! Thanks hubs! It was a surprise because I wasn't expecting on getting a new bag that soon..xoxo And we got our new mattress too..We really need to get a bigger bed because the bed is just too small for both of us and Stanley...

Sunday was just spend looking at more houses and lazying around at home..How was your weekend?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Because I'm an addict!

I too about 1.5 days to finish this movie! YES I'm an addict when I start watching it I feel like I cannot stop. That's what I do all the time with occasional job search in between. I need to stop it and just concentrate on job hunting..arghhh that's why I didn't want to start a new show so soon but I just couldn't help it!!
I am not going to give any comment on this show..Like a lot of shows I watch I have parts that I like and I have parts that I dislike but if I have to review this show I would review it 7/10. I think I just have high expectation for my shows.

Friday, August 15, 2008


Hubby got back from work at a decent time yesterday. After we had dinner Uncle Richie called and said that they were heading to the gym and since we've been wanting to see the gym we decided to go with them. I feel like a jakun actually because it's been a long time since I've been to a gym and what more a nice one too! We toured the place and talked for a little while but Aunt L has some work related stuff so they had to go and we stayed to use the equipment. I used some of the equipment but got bored with it and decided to join the aerobic class. I just want to join the classes, use the pool and spa I think. I don't think I am that interested in using the equipments but hubby is though. We really like the gym and decided to join yesterday but the representative that was supposed to help us was busy with another customer so we figured that we could join today unfortunately hubby is going to be busy today AND tomorrow. Hubby will be leaving for Chicago on Sunday therefore we won't be able to join the gym until he returns because I doubt that I will go to the gym without him.
the equipments
the pool!!

Their pool outdoor pool is super huge with slides and their indoor pool is huge too. I told hubby, aunt L and uncle Richie that if I practice and swim there I might be able to be the next Michael Phelps but the women version of course 0_0 and hubby thinks that I'm a long long way from that! In conclusion the jakun me has decided that we will join the gym!yippieee...but there goes my new purse too..sob sob..but as uncle richie said as we are older we need to watch our weight etc and joining the gym has helped him tremendously so let's hope that it will help hubby and I too..I should look into Pilate, belly dancing and pole dancing classes too...I wonder if they offer those..LOL..I took Uncle Richie that if they have belly and pole dancing he should join those classes with me and he told me he would rather be FAT than do those things with me..hahhaha...maybe if they have those classes I can persuade hubby and him to go with me *evil grin*..

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I am horrible!

Since I'm not working Stanley don't need to stay in his crate because I'm home with him. He will only occasionally go into his crate to take a nap every once in a while or when I'm in the kitchen cooking and doing stuff for a period of time.
Stanley's routine is he'll get up when hubby gets ready for work but he'll still be laying in bed with me UNTIL hubby goes in the kitchen to pack his food/snack for the day Stanley will open the bedroom door(it's not shut all the way) and run out to the kitchen. Hubby feels bad for him because I don't get up till about 10am and he gives hubby the look like he's saying "feed me or else mummy won't be up till late and I'm hungry! 0_0" so hubby will give him his morning meal. Then hubby will try and take him out again because I get up late and he'll need to go out once he gets up. When hubby is about to leave Stanley will jump in to bed and sleep with me like he never got up! Sometimes hubby will be late and has no time to deal with Stanley and he'll tell me that Stanley hasn't gone out or eaten. Like today hubby had no time but felt bad for him so he took him out and didn't feed him. Sometimes if I don't hear my two boys in the morning I'll have to call hubby to make sure that he's fed because I don't want to feed him too much.
For the rest of the day Stanley will normally sleep and since I get up pretty late in the morning I don't really take naps during the day. I am really mean because I will constantly disturb Stanley. I'll call him or poke him or carry him when ever I see him I and I just feel like disturbing/irritating him. He's not usually sound asleep anyway he'll wake up to any noise especially if he hears plastic bags or boxes because he thinks that I'm eating or he's going to get some food. When I irritate him to much he'll sleep else where like I mentioned his crate or his other favorite space...

Under the bed!

I do put some of my stuff underneath the bed so there is not much space underneath it but we do have a strip of where Stanley can run underneath from one side to the other but he found another spot where he can sleep without being disturb by his mummy!0_0

The boss making himself comfortable on the bed if he's not disturbed.

That's why I told Uncle Richie when ever he watches Stanley he's going to not only share his bed with Stanley but his pillow too!

p/s: Did you know that dogs fart too? AND IT STINKS!!pheewwwww....

Monday, August 11, 2008

Hershey's chocolate cake and carrot cupcakes

I've been feeling pretty tired this few days and not wanting to do anything..PMSing I'm assuming ..or maybe even because of the weather.
Since hubs birthday was on a Friday; I decided to start baking his cake on Thursday night so I can attempt to make the frosting and maybe even decorate it on Friday and leave me some time to get ready for his birthday dinner on Friday night. I made Hershey's Perfectly Chocolate Cake and instead of making a whole carrot cake I made it into carrot cupcakes. The only changes I made to the chocolate cake was instead of using 2 Cups of Sugar I used 3/4C of sugar and 2TBSP of oil mixed with apple sauce to make it enough for 1/2C because I didn't want to use 1/2C of oil as specified. The did the same for the carrot cupcakes too. I used 2 TBSP of oil and the rest I substitute it with apple sauce and also used 3/4C of sugar. I also added walnuts to the carrot cupcakes as requested by Uncle Richie. The reason why I use less that half of the amount of sugar was because I knew that the icing will balance it out and I didn't want my cake to be too sweet hence more fattening.

chocolate cake

Carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

I was also going to write "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" on the chocolate cake but I didn't do it. I guess I was unmotivated and frustrated because the icing was starting to melt because of the hot weather but I figure hubby is a big boy now he don't need any special wording on his cake anyway :P. The verdict of the chocolate cake was it was good and just sweet enough and almost taste like a dark chocolate cake. The carrot cupcakes was yummy and hubby said that its one of my best carrot cake. I'm thinking it might be because of the walnuts that makes it more chewy who knows. I'm just glad every body liked the cake because I was in no mood what so ever to decorate and make the cakes pretty/beautiful.

We went for dinner on Friday night but it was pretty late because hubby had to work late. We went to this barbecue place by the mall (forgot the name). It was pretty good but a little expensive. No time for pictures because everyone ate their food as soon as it arrived as everyone got pretty hungry at that time.

On Saturday we went to the mall to return my jeans and to check out Iphone for my bestie in KL but surprisingly MAC store don't sell Iphone outright because they have this contract with AT&T the cell phone company here. So I'm going to have to stop by an AT&T store soon to see how much it would cost. Hubby was complaining and wanted to leave because he said that he's been to the willowbrook mall (this is only his second time!) and he wanted to go to a different mall. We passed by a Japanese restaurant by the mall and I've been telling him that I want to try this place since we arrived here so the deal was we would go to this Sports store and then go eat there. We walked around the sports store because hubby is looking for a bicycle for himself but I'm going to be using it first until mine arrives (we left mine up North because we had no room to take it with us). Then we went to eat at the Japanese restaurant. I would surely go back there again and this time I'll ask Uncle Richie and Aunt L to go with us because Uncle Richie would be more fun to eat with since hubs only eat specific food. Then Uncle Richie called to see if hubs was free to look at a Motorcycle with him that he was kind of interested. After that Uncle Richie took us to two more bicycle stores to look at them. It was about 4pm by the time we went home and I suggested that if Uncle Richie and Auntie L was home we should take Stanley to go play with their dogs since he hasn't really had any friends. It was too late to go to the Galleria anyway because I want to have a full day at the Galleria because I know it's huge and there is a lot of stores to visit..heheh..We then went over to their house (no pictures because it was just a zoo with 3 dogs [one big, one medium and small]) It was so funny seeing Stanley with them. They are also not used to Stanley and seeing a small dog. All the dogs were worn out after we left the house.
We attempted to go to the Galleria again on Sunday but we didn't because I just wanted to laze at home and do nothing. Stanley and I took naps while hubby was online doing personal and work related stuff. When I was sleeping I had a dream about ice cream cone so when I got up I made hubby go to the grocery store with me to go get some ice cream cone..hahah..and came home. We were also supposed to visit the gym Uncle and Auntie goes to but they were not going yesterday so we might visit the gym today. We want to go check and the gym and decide if we really want to join the gym which looks like we are going to but we will check it out first before we make any decision. It's pretty expensive but we are hoping that it'll be worth it health wise and we know that Uncle Richie will shame us into going the gym anyway. They have their own personal trainer there but we won't need to hire one because Uncle Richie can just show us how anyway. I'm hoping to be able to lose some weight and have some muscles when I join the gym...hahah..*finger cross*

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Trying to lose weight

I’ve been eating almost none stop since we moved down here. There are so many restaurants here that it’s impossible to not want to try them. Someone was telling me to watch out because apparently Texas has one of the highest obesity rate in the US and when I first heard that I could not even believe it because I assumed that there is so many more things to do here that there is barely enough time to stuff my face but apparently I’m wrong. There are plenty to do here but there are also different kinds of food to try here that it’s so difficult to watch what you are eating or it might just be me. It’s been pretty hot out too therefore people normally stay in their air condition house and if they need to go anywhere walk to their air condition car and to where ever else that’s air condition. I guess because of the heat people don’t want to really do anything but just EAT including me. I think I’ve put on weight ever since I moved here and not doing anything about it. Just this past weekend I’ve stuffed my face so many times and made my tummy feel so uncomfortable. Hubby and I both talked about it and we decided we need to start exercising. We are considering joining the same gym that hubby’s aunt and uncle go to. It’s a little more expensive compared to the other gyms that they have around here but we feel that we would attend the gym more if we know some body and even get motivated by his relatives. We will probably drop by the gym tomorrow and see whether we like it and decide from there. In a way I’m kind of excited but it might also put a little strain on my bank account because of the price we’ll have to pay. I guess I can say bye bye to some new purses on the other hand I’m hoping to have a more toned and slimmer body *fingers cross* or maybe find some kind of diet pills and try and lose weight the easy way :P

*This is a sponsor post*

Friday, August 8, 2008


Happy Birthday to my dearest hubby. xoxo

Nite Nite

I've been trying to train Stanley to go into his crate willingly. Every time when I give him his afternoon snack/treat I'll tell him to go nite nite and when he does he'll get his snack in his crate. I do that too because I don't want him to be eating his treats everywhere and leaving the crumbs on the floor or where ever he is. Now he is more willing to go when we have to go out. He used to walk really slowly to his crate or run away when we are about to leave the house and sometimes when we are in a hurry it is a pain to catch him. So now before we leave I'll tell him to go nite nite and when he goes in without a struggle I'll give him a treat before we leave. Lately he's been really good; he'll see hubby and I change and he assumes that we are going out (which is normally true) and he'll sit in there quietly waiting for us to give him his treat and latch the crate.
Yesterday I was complaining to hubby that I wanted to return the jeans I bought the other day because I don't feel comfortable in it. I think it's the time of the month and I feel bloated and not happy with my body so I wanted to return it instead. Hubby said that he forgot how I looked in it and to try it on for him to see so after I took my shower (which was really last night because I was trying to bake his cake) I put on my PJ's and wore the jeans for hubby to see. Stanley saw me doing that and ran out of the room. I was wondering where he was going but I thought he might have just gone out to have a drink of water. After showing it to hubby and taking it out Stanley still didn't come into the bed room. So I went out looking for him just in case he has to go to the bathroom or anything and saw him sitting in his crate. I told him to come out and go into the bedroom and he don't even twitch!
So before going to bed I told hubby that Stanley is still out in his crate because he thought that I was getting dress to go out that's why he quickly ran in his crate. I told hubby to get him in the bedroom because I've gotten used to having Stanley sleep with us at night and I feel uncomfortable if Stanley wasn't there which my mom already told us not to make it a habit to let Stanley sleep with us but it has become a habit anyway. I went out to his crate which is in the dining room and saw him asleep.
I told him to come out and go into the bedroom but he would not move. I had to pull him out of his crate before he would run into the bedroom. Hubby said that we should just leave him and eventually he'll come in but I didn't want him running around the house while we were sleeping. I guess he now associate with being good by going in his crate he will get a reward but I also notice that he don't mind his crate as much as he used to maybe because I'm not working now and he's not always in his crate.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mexican Food

Last Friday hubby and I decided to go out and have dinner. He's been having craving for Mexican food the past few days and since we are new here we decided to Google on some Mexican restaurants around here and read their reviews. Initially we were suppose to go to another one but hubby forgot to take the directions so we drove passed this restaurant and we decided to just give it a try. The restaurant was full of people and they even have a guy playing some musical instruments and singing.


Unlimited chips and salsa.
My fajitas and the sides that comes with it.

Hubby's taco

Hubby's tamales

I would say that the service, food and price was not too bad but it would not be a place to host a dinner party.


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