Sunday, August 10, 2008

Trying to lose weight

I’ve been eating almost none stop since we moved down here. There are so many restaurants here that it’s impossible to not want to try them. Someone was telling me to watch out because apparently Texas has one of the highest obesity rate in the US and when I first heard that I could not even believe it because I assumed that there is so many more things to do here that there is barely enough time to stuff my face but apparently I’m wrong. There are plenty to do here but there are also different kinds of food to try here that it’s so difficult to watch what you are eating or it might just be me. It’s been pretty hot out too therefore people normally stay in their air condition house and if they need to go anywhere walk to their air condition car and to where ever else that’s air condition. I guess because of the heat people don’t want to really do anything but just EAT including me. I think I’ve put on weight ever since I moved here and not doing anything about it. Just this past weekend I’ve stuffed my face so many times and made my tummy feel so uncomfortable. Hubby and I both talked about it and we decided we need to start exercising. We are considering joining the same gym that hubby’s aunt and uncle go to. It’s a little more expensive compared to the other gyms that they have around here but we feel that we would attend the gym more if we know some body and even get motivated by his relatives. We will probably drop by the gym tomorrow and see whether we like it and decide from there. In a way I’m kind of excited but it might also put a little strain on my bank account because of the price we’ll have to pay. I guess I can say bye bye to some new purses on the other hand I’m hoping to have a more toned and slimmer body *fingers cross* or maybe find some kind of diet pills and try and lose weight the easy way :P

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