Friday, August 29, 2008

Being a Mom?

I AM NOT PREGNANT! I didn't want to continue my story having friends all excited that I'm pregnant. I am just curious about a lot of things.
  • How do you know you are ready to be a mom?
  • How do you know you will not get those post pregnancy depression?
  • How do you know you will love your child/children?
  • How do you know you can afford the child?
  • How are you going to juggle between your husband and child/children?
  • How do you know the ways of bring up your child/children?
Don't get me wrong I love kids and I do want kids. I am just not sure. I've been a teenager before and I know how difficult it is dealing with teenager. I know my parents constantly worry about me.

When the kid is little you worry about them growing up. Worry about giving them all the time and attention and everything that we can afford. When they start school parents worry about their child's education and worrying about the people they mix with . High school we were whether they will graduated from high school. Whether they are paying attention in their education or with their boyfriends etc..then worry whether they will be enroll in a university, what kind of university they will be in, what will they study, worry when they are far away on their safety etc, after they graduate worry about their job on whether is people bullying them at work, worry when are they getting married, after they are married worried about when they will have kids, how will they take care of their kids blah blah blah....and the list goes on and on and on and on..

WOW..I'm so overwhelmed! How would one know that they are responsible enough for all this? Do mummy ever thought about what have they gotten themselves into or when one have kids they just fit into the mummy "mold".

So YES! I am freaking out as hubby and I talk about kids more and more. I freak out thinking about having kids and having them grow so quickly. I freak out having to have to worry about them CONSTANTLY!..I don't know this is because I don't have one yet and eventually it'll be alright. I've read some blogs that they say sometimes they get frustrated with their child although they love them dearly but some days they are just tolerating them!!Oh gosh what if that's me? I know is common because many people are admitting to it but would it mean that I'll be a bad mom?Scarry.....What if I have a rebellious child?

So many questions yet I'm not sure who to ask or where to get the answer!


Shern's mom said...

Worry not. When the right time comes, you'll be surprise how capable and patient and loving and great you are as a mother.

I can see that you're a very good mother to Stanley. ::wink::

Sunshine said...

Really??See I'm already soo freaked out..what if I cannot handle the baby? so how would u know that u are ready for one?

Stanley is soo different..I don't need to mother him that much..he's pretty independent if he wants too unlike a child...


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