Monday, August 25, 2008


I have sweet tooth but I cannot tolerate the dessert over here in the States because I find most of them overly sweet but once in a while I will eat a few bites of the sweet stuff. When we were living up North every once in a while I will have cravings for Donuts and I would only eat Krispy Kreme Donuts because I do love their donuts in moderate amount. There was once this lady at the place I used to work brought some donuts from the gas station (which was still good donuts I've heard) and told me to eat and I told her that I don't eat any other donuts but only KrispyKreme. I never used to be so picky when I was living in Malaysia. I would eat most donuts from the bakery in Malaysia. But anyway she thought I was weird/picky because I refused to touch the donuts although I kind off had craving for one but I just didn't want to waste any of it. I totally forgot about donuts until this past couple of days. I have a craving for donuts!!There is no Krispy Kreme in Houston!!I should have asked hubby to bring some back for me from Chicago but I didn't have any craving for it that time!Anyway there is no Krispy Kreme here and I was told that Shipley Donuts instead and settled for a milk shake and fries (yummy) but still not donuts and while driving pass is comparable to Krispy Kreme so I decided to go get one and try..We were driving around yesterday looking for houses and I got hungry so I told hubby that I wanted to eat donuts and I told him that we should try Shipley because that's what we were told. To my dissapointment the paticular store that we went to was closed! I went to McD'sMcD's WE SAW ANOTHER SHIPLEY!!argghhh there is no way I could eat a donut at that time and I only wanted to have a fresh one so I pass on that but now as I'm tying this post I REALLY WANT a donut again!!I hope when I do get a chance to try Shipley's donut it will not be a disappointment. I think I'm going to be on a mission to find a good donut. This will also mean that I'm going to drive hubby crazy soon with my mission to find donuts..0_O AND only wanting to eat half maybe one piece...Any Texan out there have any donut recommendation?

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