Friday, August 8, 2008

Nite Nite

I've been trying to train Stanley to go into his crate willingly. Every time when I give him his afternoon snack/treat I'll tell him to go nite nite and when he does he'll get his snack in his crate. I do that too because I don't want him to be eating his treats everywhere and leaving the crumbs on the floor or where ever he is. Now he is more willing to go when we have to go out. He used to walk really slowly to his crate or run away when we are about to leave the house and sometimes when we are in a hurry it is a pain to catch him. So now before we leave I'll tell him to go nite nite and when he goes in without a struggle I'll give him a treat before we leave. Lately he's been really good; he'll see hubby and I change and he assumes that we are going out (which is normally true) and he'll sit in there quietly waiting for us to give him his treat and latch the crate.
Yesterday I was complaining to hubby that I wanted to return the jeans I bought the other day because I don't feel comfortable in it. I think it's the time of the month and I feel bloated and not happy with my body so I wanted to return it instead. Hubby said that he forgot how I looked in it and to try it on for him to see so after I took my shower (which was really last night because I was trying to bake his cake) I put on my PJ's and wore the jeans for hubby to see. Stanley saw me doing that and ran out of the room. I was wondering where he was going but I thought he might have just gone out to have a drink of water. After showing it to hubby and taking it out Stanley still didn't come into the bed room. So I went out looking for him just in case he has to go to the bathroom or anything and saw him sitting in his crate. I told him to come out and go into the bedroom and he don't even twitch!
So before going to bed I told hubby that Stanley is still out in his crate because he thought that I was getting dress to go out that's why he quickly ran in his crate. I told hubby to get him in the bedroom because I've gotten used to having Stanley sleep with us at night and I feel uncomfortable if Stanley wasn't there which my mom already told us not to make it a habit to let Stanley sleep with us but it has become a habit anyway. I went out to his crate which is in the dining room and saw him asleep.
I told him to come out and go into the bedroom but he would not move. I had to pull him out of his crate before he would run into the bedroom. Hubby said that we should just leave him and eventually he'll come in but I didn't want him running around the house while we were sleeping. I guess he now associate with being good by going in his crate he will get a reward but I also notice that he don't mind his crate as much as he used to maybe because I'm not working now and he's not always in his crate.

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