Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I am horrible!

Since I'm not working Stanley don't need to stay in his crate because I'm home with him. He will only occasionally go into his crate to take a nap every once in a while or when I'm in the kitchen cooking and doing stuff for a period of time.
Stanley's routine is he'll get up when hubby gets ready for work but he'll still be laying in bed with me UNTIL hubby goes in the kitchen to pack his food/snack for the day Stanley will open the bedroom door(it's not shut all the way) and run out to the kitchen. Hubby feels bad for him because I don't get up till about 10am and he gives hubby the look like he's saying "feed me or else mummy won't be up till late and I'm hungry! 0_0" so hubby will give him his morning meal. Then hubby will try and take him out again because I get up late and he'll need to go out once he gets up. When hubby is about to leave Stanley will jump in to bed and sleep with me like he never got up! Sometimes hubby will be late and has no time to deal with Stanley and he'll tell me that Stanley hasn't gone out or eaten. Like today hubby had no time but felt bad for him so he took him out and didn't feed him. Sometimes if I don't hear my two boys in the morning I'll have to call hubby to make sure that he's fed because I don't want to feed him too much.
For the rest of the day Stanley will normally sleep and since I get up pretty late in the morning I don't really take naps during the day. I am really mean because I will constantly disturb Stanley. I'll call him or poke him or carry him when ever I see him I and I just feel like disturbing/irritating him. He's not usually sound asleep anyway he'll wake up to any noise especially if he hears plastic bags or boxes because he thinks that I'm eating or he's going to get some food. When I irritate him to much he'll sleep else where like I mentioned his crate or his other favorite space...

Under the bed!

I do put some of my stuff underneath the bed so there is not much space underneath it but we do have a strip of where Stanley can run underneath from one side to the other but he found another spot where he can sleep without being disturb by his mummy!0_0

The boss making himself comfortable on the bed if he's not disturbed.

That's why I told Uncle Richie when ever he watches Stanley he's going to not only share his bed with Stanley but his pillow too!

p/s: Did you know that dogs fart too? AND IT STINKS!!pheewwwww....


Simple American said...

Sounds like Stanley has it made to me.

Welcome to Houston. Hope you and your hubby enjoy my home town. :D

Sunshine said...

Thanks SA..We LOVE Houston. I'm not going to miss up North especially this


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