Wednesday, August 27, 2008


When you PAY for a service I actually expect it and when it's actually a good sum of it too...Well we are using a Realtor here in Texas to help us find a house. The reason we are using this Realtor is because we have to!!If we don't I would change him in a heart beat. Reason why we have to is because we are currently renting a place from him and if we use him we don't need to pay to break the lease(or so he told us) but anyway we've told him that we are looking for a place this price range and the area we want. He's only sent hubby some information on a couple of houses. It's so frustrating because hubby and I need to look through the websites and drive around and then call him to let him know that we want to look at this or that house. Mind you we've only looked at two houses with him so far. He's suppose the be the Realtor and he's suppose to help find houses for us to look at or at least as if we were interested in any. He doesn't really call us and the only time we talk to him is when we want to look at a house and hubby has to call him.

When we were living up North we had a Realtor too and it was very pleasant dealing with him. We bought our first house with his help and we sold it with his help too. Yes is more expensive to use a Realtor but we were leaving and we wanted the house sold and he did his job. He got everything done for us even after we moved down here. I really like using him and wouldn't mind using him again. He was always there to explain, comfort and inform us on this we needed to know. I really wish that I could afford to fly him down here to help us. We really appreciate everything he's done for us.

If I currently have a choice I would change the Realtor NOW. Beggars aren't choosers so I have to deal with this one. I can't believe is so hard to find a dependable Realtor.

p/s: I'm not the only one that dislike him even Uncle and Aunt don't care for him. Hubs used to tell me not to be so mean to him and keep comparing him with the other one but now he's starting to think like me too..See..always trust a woman's instinct.

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