Friday, August 15, 2008


Hubby got back from work at a decent time yesterday. After we had dinner Uncle Richie called and said that they were heading to the gym and since we've been wanting to see the gym we decided to go with them. I feel like a jakun actually because it's been a long time since I've been to a gym and what more a nice one too! We toured the place and talked for a little while but Aunt L has some work related stuff so they had to go and we stayed to use the equipment. I used some of the equipment but got bored with it and decided to join the aerobic class. I just want to join the classes, use the pool and spa I think. I don't think I am that interested in using the equipments but hubby is though. We really like the gym and decided to join yesterday but the representative that was supposed to help us was busy with another customer so we figured that we could join today unfortunately hubby is going to be busy today AND tomorrow. Hubby will be leaving for Chicago on Sunday therefore we won't be able to join the gym until he returns because I doubt that I will go to the gym without him.
the equipments
the pool!!

Their pool outdoor pool is super huge with slides and their indoor pool is huge too. I told hubby, aunt L and uncle Richie that if I practice and swim there I might be able to be the next Michael Phelps but the women version of course 0_0 and hubby thinks that I'm a long long way from that! In conclusion the jakun me has decided that we will join the gym!yippieee...but there goes my new purse too..sob sob..but as uncle richie said as we are older we need to watch our weight etc and joining the gym has helped him tremendously so let's hope that it will help hubby and I too..I should look into Pilate, belly dancing and pole dancing classes too...I wonder if they offer those..LOL..I took Uncle Richie that if they have belly and pole dancing he should join those classes with me and he told me he would rather be FAT than do those things with me..hahhaha...maybe if they have those classes I can persuade hubby and him to go with me *evil grin*..


Simple American said...

Oh what gym is that? Nice pool. We use 24/7. Been trying to go four times a week now that school has started.

Sunshine said...

Hey do you like 24/7? This is lifetime fitness. His aunt and uncle apparently have joined many gym and this is the one they liked the most. How do you like 24/7? Has school started for the kids already?


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