Monday, August 25, 2008


When we were getting ready to move to Houston I suggested to hubby that we should both get a good pair of sunnies. I have a pair of Liz Clairborne's but I thought that I should get a better one since it's so sunny in Houston and a good pair of sunnies would be better for our eyes. Hubby got a pair of Oakley's a week or two after we got here and I still cannot find one! I'm an Asian and I've got pretty flat nose so not many sunnies looks good on my face when I wear them. I know Oakley has a line call Asian fit and I've been wanting to try them but the problem is Oakley stores don't really carry them in the store. The first one I tried in the store it felt kind off weird so I obviously didn't get it. While I was in the Galleria last Saturday I went into Oakley and tried their ONE AND ONLY Asian fit which fit not bad BUT it was I would say only some people will wear that! I asked the Sales Associate on where I can try them and he told me that Oakley stores don't really have them and if they do only one or two pairs and he said that you can get a ton of it online. My problem is not buying stuff online the main thing is I NEED to try them on before I will buy it because I need to see how it feels to wear them first. I cannot just go online to buy them not knowing if it'll fit me. Even the not so picky hubby would not buy his online because he wanted to try it first and see if it fits and if it looks good!So I'm so frustrated now because I am not sure how I'm going to get my hands on one Asian fit to try/buy. Maybe I should try Ray Bans too...but for some odd reason I'm stuck to getting an Oakley..hmp...


Zara's Mama said...

I normally buy Japanese brand sunnies.. suitable for flat nose like me.

btw,how are you settling in Houston?

Skwermy said...

Oh ya, I hear you and having flat asian noses! I wear Oakley's A-Wires - they are the only ones that don't look too stupid on me and like you, I don't buy Asian Fit ones as they are only available online!

Sunshine said...

ZMM - Japanese brands good what though??I will have to look into that. Great THANKS TO YOU really for asking me to contact SA..OMG he's such a great great help and he's told me sooo many places that I can go...but I still don't have time to go every where yet..but yeahh I love it if only we can find a house and I can find a job I think everything would be PERFECT! :)

Skywermy - Wonder where you hide so long!!So long didn't hear from you gal!!:P..I should go try the A-wires then..I have FLAT nose you see...yeahh and as the SA was saying you can get Asian Fit online but apparently not at the store..maybe I should write to Oakley.


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