Saturday, August 23, 2008

Quality time with hubby

Hubby finally got back from Chicago Friday evening. I went to the airport with Uncle Richie and Aunt L to pick him up and we rushed out to eat after that because I was starving. I had not eaten any real food since hubby left because I get really lazy cooking for myself and just eat odds and ends that's home. It was so good to eat "real" warm food again...

Saturday I got up really early because lately I'm having a difficult time sleeping on the old mattress that we brought with us when we moved and on Friday I text hubs that I think we should buy a new mattress this weekend. We were thinking of getting a king size bed after we move to a house of our own so that we don't have to take so many things from this house but I could not sleep on the old mattress anymore and I needed my beauty sleep so I told hubby heck with the king size we'll just get the queen size and put this bed in the guest room next time and I would be able to get my beauty sleep for the mean time. Since I got up so earlier I suggested that we call Uncle Richie and Aunt L to see if they wanted to go out for breakfast together because we were getting hungry a little while after we got up. It was about 7:30am on a Saturday morning therefore they didn't answer their phone and we waited until about 8am and they finally called. They didn't feel like going for breakfast so we got ready and off we went for breakfast ourselves. We could not decide where we wanted to eat but we finally decided on Cracker Barrel because it tasted really good when we visited there when we were in Florida two years ago.

We order the Cracker Barrel big boy breakfast or something like that. I didn't think that the food tasted as good as I remembered or maybe this set didn't taste quite good but hubby thought it was not bad and he actually liked the ham..So I guess we will be going back there some other time.

After breakfast we decided to go to the Galleria. Uncles Richie has been asking me to go to the Galleria when hubby was gone but I decided to wait for hubby because I knew he wanted to go there too (see how nice I am 0_0 store just to look around because I didn't really see anything I was interested int he Gucci or the Dior store and hubby is telling me that he only likes GM that I was thinking of buying when it first came out but I guess it was a little too big and I'm glad I didn't buy it without looking at it. Since I normally buy my so that I can hint to hubby the once that I like. I got this Asian lady Sales Associate (no offence to any Asian lady since I'm an Asian too) she seems like she didn't want to serve me. I guess it was because hubby and I were wearing really casual and I wasn't even using any). We were walking around and I decided to go into to the LVLV or Coach so I don't think I would get anything from those stores. Anyway I went in to the store and I saw the Monogram NeverfullLV's online we don't really go into the store but since we were there I was thinking of looking at some that I spotted in eluxuryLV. I was wearing a tank top and a white abercrombie skirt with a coach bag and a flip flop while hubby was wearing a polo tee with shorts and a flip flops. I wasn't sure if it's because we were wearing so casual that she didn't really want to serve us but when ever I ask her to see something she would kind off not want to show me or she would take it out and show me and tell met he price RIGHT AWAY!..I asked her to show me a Monogram Denim Neo Cabby and she totally ignored me so I just ignored her and walked around myself then came this guy SA. He was really nice to us and he didn't even look stuck up. I was telling hubby that I would like to get a small bag and he was hyped about it because he don't like me to carry so many things went we go out so we told him and he showed me several and it was narrowed down to Monogram Canvas Eva or Monogram Canvas Accessories Pochette but if I bought the Pochette I would want to buy a longer strap and the strap would cost USD220 so we decided to get the Eva.
Another addition to my family!
Monogram Canvas Eva

After walking around the mall a little more we decided to head out and look at houses instead. I was talking to hubs in the car and I told him the reason why I didn't think of buying anything there was because I didn't like the attitude of the Asian SA. How can she judge us and ignored me like that!The other SA got everything I wanted and even showed me the Monogram Denim that I was eyeing on!Then hubs said that next time when we want to get any we will go there and if the same Asian SA would serve me I'll tell her that "the last time I came in I was not happy with your service and now I don't want you to serve me" but I then I told hubby why should I tell her all those things that's her job to serve me no matter what I'm wearing or what handbags I'm using. He said or just wear nicer and use an LV bag next time but then I was like I don't want to dress up just to impress them and use my LV bag because why should I do that? If I have the money to spend I feel like I can dress how I want or use any brand of bag that I want. Why should I purposely dress so nicely just so she will be nice to me! frustrating..I also hope the SA knows that a lot of rich people here don't necessary dress up when they go out if they don't have to. We have seen many rich people going out very very casually and driving a Ferrari or a nice car and how do I know that because we know these people! I guess she haven't heard of the saying don't judge a book by its cover.

Anyway I was a happy person that day! Thanks hubs! It was a surprise because I wasn't expecting on getting a new bag that soon..xoxo And we got our new mattress too..We really need to get a bigger bed because the bed is just too small for both of us and Stanley...

Sunday was just spend looking at more houses and lazying around at home..How was your weekend?

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