Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

It's Labor Day weekend meaning it's a 3day weekend...If I was working I'll be darn happy but since I'm not working now everyday tends to be pretty much the same but for hubby it's suppose to be a great time since he's been sooo busy with work lately unfortunately he's on call this weekend that means if any place has a problem he has to deal with it. He's been dealing with customers none stop since Friday. He didn't get home until 10pm on Friday night!!!So many things to do and he's so pissy because some people don't take care of their accounts well and when he gets a call he has to pick up after them. Most of his Saturday were spend working too. Aunt L and Uncle Richie came and pick me up to their place so that I could go look at the neighbour's house (house hunting) and hubby finally showed up while we were still there. I guess we don't mind it but it's really not a house where I'll go AHHHHHH or WHEEEEE when we walk into it. We haven't decided if we want that house or continue looking. Hubby likes the idea that Aunt and Uncle Richie is the neighbor so that he won't have to constantly worry about if he's out of town or if he's running late when he's working and also we actually know someone in the neighborhood. DECISION!DECISION!DECISIONS! I called mummy and daddy and spoke to them about the house and like normal they said that as long as it feels comfortable, we don't mind it and the price is not that steep it's up to us. They are very supportive in what I/we do. Ever since I graduated from high school they have always supported me no matter what and very rarely they will tell me No for anything so if they do say NO or DON'T DO IT then I really have to think about it because they always want us to make our own decision and be able to face the consequences. *faint* The nice thing about this house is there is nothing major we need to change about this house the only thing that needs changes almost immediately is the flooring. She basically maintain the house pretty well hence the higher price. I'm not sure if she's even willing to negotiate since she looks like she's not in any rush to sell the house. After looking at the house we went over to Aunt and Uncle Richie's place for a little while until hubby got another call. So we all waited for hubby in a newly opened Mexican Restaurant (no pictures because I'm shy to take pictures when we are with Aunt and Uncle but we are always with them so much that I should start anyway; let me pluck up the courage...LOL) I thought the food was alright and the price was comparable to most restaurant so it's not that bad.

Sunday we got up and decided to grill out for the day. We didn't want to go anywhere in case hubby had a call. Called SIL to see if she wanted to grill out and she said Yes so called Aunt and Uncle to see if they wanted to grill out. We were going to go over to Aunt and Uncle's place because they have a larger grill while we only have a tiny tiny one but then hubby decided that it'll be inconvenient since we have everything here so we just decided to have it at our place. We went to the grocery store to get some chicken and soda for the party then we went to the gym since we had time before the get together. Hubby got a call 3 hours before!! I ended up doing most of the things..luckily I made the potato salad on Saturday because hubby wanted some and I promised him I'll make some for him so that saved me time and we were just going to have another side dish...the only time consuming thing was grilling the chicken and the charcoal went almost dead after the second round because I kept basting the sauce on the chicken hence putting the charcoal out. Second batch wasn't that done but hubby came back to take over and we decided our next grill we would probably get a gas more worrying out putting out the charcoal anymore...So we actually kind off hosted our first dinner party which I thought it was pretty good a success! I am thinking after we get a house we should do that more often. *smirk*

This morning hubby got what it sounds like a million calls that he has to deal with so he's now out working again...arghh..I want to go get some Asian groceries which is on hold because I don't know how to get there myself. I don't think he's going to have time to go to the gym today too so I think I'll just meet Aunt and Uncle there at the gym later...what a fun day huh!!Hopefully hubby can get done with work earlier(I doubt) and then we can actually do something together today!!!

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