Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Char Kway Teow Mee

I love Char Kway Teow a ton and would eat it all the time but since is so oily I try and refrain myself from eating it all the time. Anyway I've not had the opportunity to eat that for a really long time and really do miss it. I do come across blogs of other people that's living overseas and tries to make all sorts of food from home but I'm always too lazy too lazy to try and it would be difficult for me to get the ingredients to make the stuff. Anyway there is a fellow blogger Lily that lives in the United States and is constantly making food for her family. I saw the recipe for Char Kway Teow and wanted to try it pretty bad. So when I went to the local grocery store last weekend I bought some beans sprout and was hoping I could run to the Asian grocery store to get the rest of the stuff needed to make that. I was also going to attempt to make my own kway teow because it doesn't seem that difficult to make. Anyway I didn't make it to the Asian grocery store last weekend because hubby was so very busy and I don't know yet how to get there myself..argghhh....

This morning I got up and didn't know what to eat. I really wanted to eat char kway teow but know that I don't have some of the ingredients for example the kway teow and cockles at home and I didn't want the beans sprout to go bad anytime so the smart me decided to substitute the kway teow for just mee. I was thinking why not since some people order mee instead or kway teow at the stall anyway.

My Char mee..

The out come of my noodles was I would say edible..Of course is not going to taste like the once at the hawker stall but there is still a ton of difference in terms of taste..I think I basically have the texture down but need to work on the taste..Maybe if I use a gas stove instead of electric stove the outcome would be different too..didn't quite satisfy my cravings but it did fill me up and I guess that's all that matter. I will try and work on this more and hopefully this time with kway teow and cockles.

I just cannot wait to go home and eat unhealthy food again!


Shern's mom said...

Ya, I agree. the noodle looks pretty good, like from the char mee stall.

Sunshine said...

Thanks for the compliment!Now I REALLY do have to work on the taste!

Siao Yue said...

when r u coming back

Sunshine said...

End of the year!EVERYONE MUST MEET UP!!


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