Friday, September 5, 2008


Two days ago I had a craving for pineapple tart and I decided to try and make some. I started with making the filling with the directions from Lily's website. I was going to make the pastry skin yesterday because the filling had to be made a day before we use it. Yesterday we went to the gym and after dinner it got quite late so I decided to make it today. As I was looking through the website again I noticed that I forgot to put sugar in the pineapple filling (Disaster #1)! $^%$#. So today I proceeded to add the sugar in and recook the pineapple filling ( got to see how will this go since I messed up the first time) then while making the pastry and trying to follow every step of the direction my pastry didn't look like what Lily described in her blog (Disaster #2) $%^%* My pastry looked really wet for some reason so I added quite a bit of flour to it hoping that it'll be better. I am not sure how my pineapple tart wanna be will turn out but I'll post it up after it's done. Wish me luck here...I hope nothing goes to waste. I hate to waste food.

Update: So I didn't exactly follow Lily's recipe to the T but close. I just omitted the water and the coloring therefore my tart don't look yellowish...also I should warn that is not pretty like the once you buy from the store or order from people who bake cookies for Chinese New Year. Anyway..I'm not sure about the doesn't taste bad but I don't remember how the once from home taste like anymore however I have to say the pastry is DELICIOUS! actually melts in your mouth yummy...It's not a waste after all!!! Now if I could follow recipes accurately then it would be perfect. I would then be able to actually role the pastry out and shape it like I wanted to or make it look prettier instead of what you see!

Pineapple tart wannabe

Hope my ugly looking pineapple tart would not make you not want to eat pineapple tart anymore. Honestly is really not bad and I'm proud to say least is not going to end up in the garbage.

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