Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Two Monsters

Last Friday hubby was cleaning his work vehicle when I came out of the house and saw a puppy laying by him. She's proceed to follow him/us everywhere and would not go away. It was dark and without electricity at our neighborhood we decided to keep her for the night. Hubby fell in love with her because she's such a good dog. She's like the total opposite of Stanley. She's mellow, quiet and down to earth. The only problem is she's going to be a big dog. I don't want a big dog and I'm don't want to deal with big dogs!When the two dogs are together they constantly play and wear each other out! Stanley likes to think that he's so big and loves to disturb her!They would play for a little and then they would rest and continue again. I have two of the same toys/chew for both of them but for apparently some reason they want ONE of each and will fight for that ONE...*faint*...
Little Puppy

Playing outside

After playing..taking a nap!

Hubby locked them up in one cage just for the fun of it!LOL

We asked aunt and uncle if they wanted her and they already have two dogs of their own therefore it'll be a little difficult for them to have three which I totally understand but they are the once that I trust the MOST that will give her a really happy and also because we barely know any one here.

We are actually not even sure if she's a stray or someone actually dropped her off. There was a tennis ball in front of the house when she came. The worst part was she only has a thin miserable looking collar on her with no tags. We went to the store the next day and bought her a new collar. She's such a good little puppy which makes it hard for us to just give her away to anyone that we don't know. We have been driving around around this area to see if anyone is looking for her but we have yet to find any signs which makes us think now that she's not wanted anymore.

If anyone out there that wants a puppy or knows or anyone that wants a puppy just let me know! We want to give her to someone that we absolutely trust will take good care of her.


Shern's mom said...

How kind of you and hubby to take care of the dog :)

Sunshine said...

Mummy Shern if it was you I'm pretty sure you would have kept her too. It was after the hurricane the SPCA is filled with stray animals if we didn't find her a home I don't know if she would last in the SPCA.


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