Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hurricane Ike

Hurricane Ike came and gone..Thank God! I didn't really prepare anything for Ike because every time when they talk about any hurricane is doesn't really hit Houston. Well this time everyone was worried about this hurricane because its suppose to hit Houston. Ike was schedule to make land fall early Saturday morning. Thursday hubby and I went to the grocery store to attempt to stock up on food and water but were not really about too apart from stocking up on junk food. All the breads and tortilla shells and water were gone. People who have been to my house knows that I can live without doing groceries for quite some time so I didn't really need to buy anything. I managed to be online until about 1:00 something before the electricity was cut off. We were without electricity, Internet connection and limited cell phone coverage for more than a week! We only got our electricity back on Saturday around noon. Many places was not open and we had a curfew because there was no electricity in a lot of places hence no traffic lights etc. Thank god on Monday hub's company got a generator for him and we were about to watch some TV on Monday and see the damages Ike made. We were also able to run the refrigerator and freezer couple of hours every night.

Luckily for us we only had fallen branches and leaves around our yard some people were not so lucky. They had broken fence or even torn siding or shingles. All we had to do is clean our yard. I'm too lazy to blog about the detail of Ike therefore if anyone is interested to know more about Ike or the damages they can go here.

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