Sunday, December 2, 2007

First snow storm of the season..

We got our first snow storm of the season yesterday..It started snowing pretty bad about 8ish in the morning up to last night. Hubby had to help a friend move and as soon as they were staring to load their tucks up it just snowed and snowed and snowed. It was cold and windy which made it worst but luckily I didn't go with him because I had to start preparing food because we were having his cousin over for dinner last night. We decided to make steamboat/pot hot since it's cold and it's pretty easy to prepare. I started boiling the broth as soon as I got up until at about 3pm and after that I started grounding pork to make dumplings. I was going to use the food processor I had but that stupid thing happen to not work at that time. I would put the cut up meat in it and start it but it'll just spin and not do anything so I ended up using the old fashion way buy chopping it by hand. I need to get a new food processor..By the time I was done slicing the chicken and wrapping the dumplings/wanton hubby came home and we went out to get some other food and vegetables. Stopped by the pet store to get some adult dog food for Stanley too..This is some pricier than usual canidae dog food and according to the testimonials on the website it's supposed to be the "shit"! I'm hoping that he will have a pretty coat of fur, better for his digestion and will reduce his smelly gas.. Shoveled more when we got home and chopped up the vegetables then cleaned the house a little lastly just waited for our guest to arrive. I was thinking that our guest might cancel because the weather condition was so bad and not all the roads were plowed but he finally made it.

The "untouched" snow behind my house

The shoveled/plowed snow in front of the house

There was a little more food but I had no time to take any more pictures..
We had tons of left over because there was only 3 of us eating. I kind off knew that we would have left overs but then I like to have more out and have left overs just in case it would not be enough. I don't like to go to other peoples house when they invite you there and not have enough food to eat that's why being the Asian that I am I always have more..LOL..We didn't even have space in our tummy to eat dessert. We were going to have ice cream cake for dessert but we never made it there..
After dinner we cleaned up and went to the store to returned/get another electric blanket because the one we had before is not that warm. We had 3 blankets on our bed but after giving Stanley his bath (because his daddy decided that he could run around since it was just snow and he ran underneath his truck and became black) I went outside a little while to help daddy and allowed him to run around in the house. When hubby took the clothing up to fold he noticed that the bed was wet. Stanley must have pee on our blankets while I was outside. I am not sure why but then he's getting bad at this again. His teacher said that those are submissive peeing. I am hoping/I have to make sure that it stops sometime soon because it's driving his daddy insane. Thank god I love him if not he'll be OUT OF MY HOUSE by'll see what schooling brings him..*finger cross*. Continuing my story so then we decided it'll be time we get our electric blanket then we don't need so many blankets so we decided to head to the store after dinner. A lot of the roads were plowed but it still wasn't the best but these conditions don't bother hubby so we always go out even if the conditions are bad. Oh yeah and we had to do loads and loads of laundry too thanks to the puppy which made his daddy even angrier at him..hehehe..Luckily I'm the one doing it if not his ass is grasp..


shern's mom said...

wowww...snowin..i like.
it must be freezin cold. hug each other tight tight to sleep la.

Zara's Mama said...

Wah.. I like snow!

Does Stanley like to play in the snow?

Sunshine said...

hahaha...Thanks for heather and heated blanket no need to so ma fan hug each other tight..LOL
I like snow to obut then with the wind it's was about -5degrees F.
Stanley loves the fresh and fluffy snow then the snow became hard because it got a little warmer and it melted a little and then froze again so now Stanley don't really care for it but he still loves to play outside though..


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