Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Time Flies

MIL just got back from her vacation in Texas and she's freaked out about work etc..Went to the office today with hubby and saw here there rushing to key in stuff into the computer. She was talking about not going to work of Friday etc and was asking me about Christmas shopping..I didn't understand why she wasn't going to work on Friday and why was she so concerned about Christmas shopping then it struck me that Christmas is NEXT WEEK. Oh My God!!!I cannot believe that Christmas is next week. I thought it was in two weeks and I had plenty of time to make stuff for Christmas. I cannot believe how quickly time flies. I was initially busy with work and Stanley's school and now looking for another job and planning stuff out for vacation etc it didn't occur to me that Christmas IS around the corner. In no time New Year's would be here and it would be time to make my New Year resolutions. I'm hoping that I'm able to line up a job for next year so that I don't need to stay at home..aiks...*finger cross* let's hope that something will turn out for me soon.
We haven't even set up our Christmas tree..I think we are just going to skip the tree this year. Our first year in our new home we skipped the tree and we decided to put one up last year but this year with Stanley still being so hyper we are not sure if we should put the tree up moreover we are skipping presents this year therefore there won't be any present under the tress after all so what is the point of a tree?We'll see technically we still have some time to put up the tree for a couple of days though and it should be down then.

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