Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I'm currently feeling extremely frustrated. I have been trying to do the Pay Per Post thingy but I'm still unable to do so..Poor Mummy Shern she's been trying to tell me how do install this and do this and that but then it seems like I'm not able to do some of it. I feeling dumb currently. It's also frustrating for someone across the world to help you but then you are not getting it right however I DO appreciate it very very much Mummy Shern..I hope that this hassle is just to get start up and then after that should not be that much of a problem if not I think I will be CURSING and SWEARING a LOT...
So far there is no sign of giving up yet but just frustrated. Mummy Shern thank you thank you for helping me and I'm sure there will be more questions on the way because I still haven't been able to figure it out. Thank you for your patience and guidance too...*hugz* let's hope it works sooon or else I'll probably give up..

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shern's mom said...

hey, don't give up just yet.

let's clear some confusion. so has ppp and smorty approved your blog? if yes, then where do you see these msgs?

"I am suppose to have my post in google so it can be searched is it?"

by this, you mean your blog url or the post you wrote for them? erm...i blur blur now..


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