Monday, December 3, 2007


Zara'z Mama tagged's been a long time since I've been tagged actually..

8 Things I'm Passionate About...
1. Stanley
2. Cooking
3. Eating
4. Shopping
5. Baking/Cake decorating (I have just started that and haven't really had time to play around)
6. Browsing on the Internet
7. Yapping on the phone/in person
8. Reading

8 Things I Want To Do Before I Die...
1. Move closer to "home"(Malaysia) to be closer to my parents
2. Have kids
3. Travel to more places with hubby
4. Have a decent job that I enjoy
5. Spending more time with my family and friends
6. Make good money
7. Move to our dream house
8. Watch more movies/shows

8 Things I Say Often..
2. NO
4. Good boy
5. DOWN!
6. SIT
8. Darn it (work mostly)
*the first 7 things I say often it's all to Stanley and believe I DO say it often..LOL

8 Books I've Recently Read
1. 1st to die
2. Who ordered this truckload of dung?
*I cannot remember the other books I've read. This two months I haven't really had time to read.

8 Song I Could Listen To Over And Over
1. The sound of music
2. Circle of Life-Elton John
3. The Bitch is Back-Elton John
4. Peng You-Emil Chau
5. Ai Xiang Sui- Emil Chau
6. Lips of An Angel- Hinder
7. Love you more each day-Jacky Cheung
8. Picture-Kid Rock

8 This I've Learnt This Past Year
1. To be a wife
2. To control my temper
3. The saying "customers is always right" it's true even if they are ridiculously dumb
4. About blogging for money like Zara's mama but I've not done it yet
5. You can make friends from the internet and it feels like you have known them for a long time
6. Men will always be men they will not really change
7. Life is short enjoy it while you can
8. To care for a puppy

8 Person I Want To Tag
1. Mummy Shern
2. Hui Ling
3. Sass
4. Dar
5. Yee leng
6. Hau Lip
7. Chi Leng
8. Nan

In a way being tagged actually made me look at my life and I came up with a conclusion that my life is actually pretty boring. Low key and simple..which should be good right? In a way I think I am longing for more excitment too..???


shern's mom said...

haha. i couldn't help laughin when i saw that first 7 words you often say. it seems to talk more to him than your hubs eh. funny.
thanks for the tag. will do it soon.

Sunshine said...

Hahha..yes and no we both say it often because he's ALWAYS into trouble..*faint*


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