Thursday, December 27, 2007

Online Casino

When I was young my parents would not let us gamble. My mom would not even let me play with cards because she don't want me to get into the habit of playing with cards and wanting to gamble. I would obviously play cards and even mahjong behind their back. When I was older my parents no longer can control me and they didn't care if I gamble (in moderation) obviously. I have only been to the casino several times in my life. The first time I went to the casino was when my parents took me there shortly after my 21st birthday and then ever since I came to the US I've only been to the casino three times because my hubby is not a fan of gambling in the casino. Like I mentioned before I am not a huge fan of gambling but I like to gamble a little once in a while and since hubby do not like to go to the casino I have found another solution! Pro360 has hundreds of reviews for the casinos online and lists tons of online casino so if I ever wanted or feel like gambling I can go to pro360 and click on the different type of games out there that I'm interested then click on one of the websites. I might click around to see but I'm really doubtful because I think I like being in the actually casino more but who knows I might try it some day..

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