Monday, December 17, 2007

Stanley is sad...

Stanley's third class went quite well but the hubby forgot to take the camera with therefore there was no pictures or videos from that class. Stanley and I got there first as usual while hubby would go there directly from school. The teacher used Stanley as an "example" because he's one of the hyper dogs there. He was so cute he listened to the teacher so well that the teacher actually praised him as a good and smart dog..I was so proud of Stanley and then 20 minutes after that while he supposed to be sitting still his daddy walked in the room. Stanley knew that it was his daddy but he dare not cute..wished I had my camera there. Everybody laughed because Stanley looked like he wanted to greet his daddy but he dare not move more..LOL..

Anyway last weekend we went up to the cabin. On our way up there Stanley was so whiny sitting behind because he wanted to come up front with us finally I gave in and let him sit on my lap his daddy said "look who's the boss" but his daddy was worst than me. Stanley was sitting behind and he pushed his way on to daddy's lap while he was driving and sat on his lap. His daddy just let me do that...I was like I guess I know who's the boss too..his daddy purposely stop so that Stanley can go out and stretch and run for a while because he was whining..

When we were in the cabin, he was just with his grandpa when ever he could. Grandpa would sit and read a book and he would jump on the couch and sit next to him, his grandpa took a nap on the couch Stanley jumped on the couch and slept with grandpa and his grandpa actually moved one of his leg to make room so Stanley can nap with him together, Saturday night grandpa was tired and fell asleep on the recliner; Stanley was sleeping on him again. Sunday morning his grandpa took him out for a walk before we even got out of bed..*shake head*..See I'm not the only one that spoils him rotten. Hubby and his dad spoils him too especially his dad.

Grandpa had to move one of his leg so Stanley can sleep with him
Tired out..
Waiting for Grandpa to come home
Poor boy was so sad when he left the cabin. I think he miss his grandpa a ton because he could care less who was at the cabin all he did was just stayed with his grandpa. He didn't even disturb me when I was watching my shows.

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