Monday, May 17, 2010

Another Horrible Experience

Yesterday (Sunday) when I was at work Aunt L text me and asked if we wanted to go Cheesecake Factory for dinner together and since hubs was on call last weekend I asked him if he wanted to go or if he had to work. He said that we would go so when I got home I showered and got ready to go. We stopped by one of Aunt L's property before going for dinner and since we were close to the Galleria we decided to visit the Galleria Cheesecake Factory Restaurant.

When we got there to our seat we noticed that there was nets (fruit flies) around. We told the server and she just apologized and didn't even ask if we wanted to change our seat. She was slow she didn't give us what we asked for and the worst part was her uniform was dirty. The cloth that she used to carry our plates was dirty and looked like it has not seen bleach for a long time. We quickly finished our food and asked for our bill. YES we didn't even eat our dessert!!my favorite CHEESECAKE!! Anyway before we asked for our bill a floor manager walked passed us and we were getting really irritated with the nets so I called him and told him about the situation. He said " I apologized about the problem and would you like to change our seat ( we were done eating at that time and was already paying)?" we told him no and the next thing he asked was do you need a box for our food! WTF I mean didn't offer a drink or anything!! We could have called the Health Department on him! He never came back with the box or anything! We were not too happy with how he handled the situation while waiting for our box nets were flying everywhere. We were getting so irritated because we had to keep swatting it. We finally killed one with our napkin and decided to go find the same manager and showed it to him! He was talking to me (I don't really know what he was saying because the restaurant was noisy and he was NOT even looking at me.) He didn't even make ANY eye contact with me hence I didn't really grasp what he said but I know that he didn't apologize to me. Anyway he offered us ONE slice of cheesecake to make this better BUT the worst problem was he told me to go get it from the counter (there was a long que) and snuck away again! Did not even get me my piece of cheesecake! I was doing all the talking the whole time and finally Uncle R could not take it and told him to go get the cheesecake for me. We were so upset with the way he handle this situation!We don't expect to visit a fine dining restaurant and get this kind of service!

Anyway I was so upset that I decided to call the General Manager today (The GM was not there yesterday) to tell him what happened. I didn't even mentioned to the floor manager at that time that the floor there was slippery that many customers was slipping including us was slipping around! This morning when I called the restaurant the guy told me that the GM was not here so I told him that I would call corporate but he was nice and told me that he's the AGM that he can help me too since the GM was going to be gone till Wednesday. I was telling him everything just chewing him up and suddenly I notice what he's telling me does not make sense to notice that I called the wrong branch!!I called the Woodlands branch(the one that we always go)! I was so embarrassed and quickly apologize to him several times. He was nice and understood what I told him and told me that it happens all the time!Phew! He gave me the Galleria's number and the GM's name.

I was getting my car washed and vacuumed just now and decided to give the Galleria restaurant a call. The first person that answer the phone asked who I was looking for and put me on hold. 5-8 person did the same thing and just drove me nuts because I was on hold and every time someone answered the phone I had to tell them who I was on hold for and my name etc so the last two ladies that answer the phone I told them who I was and who I am looking for and I told them that I would just call corporate. Finally the last lady I told her I'm not going to go on hold anymore that I will just call their regional manager and asked her for the name and number. She gave me the RM name and number but insisted that I spoke with her. I was thinking no harm done since she was someone in charged too I think she must be the AGM. I told her what happened to my dining experience with her establishment. She told him that fruit flies is pretty popular especially during the hot summer time blah blah blah. Anyway I told her that I don't care if it's hot summer I do not expect a fine dining restaurant like this to have fruit flies flying around and asked her if she's seen fruit flies in other fine establishment. I told her that is her restaurants problem and it has nothing to me and we could have gotten sick because the food flies was flying around our food! Anyway to show her sincerity she was going to send me a gift card (I don't know the denomination) but she told me that  is worth 2-3 entrees and some dessert so I'm going to see how much she's actually sending me. I hope she don't intend to play games with me and though of sending me a $10 gift card because that would be a wrong step on her behalf!

I don't think I would blow up as much if I didn't have to wait to talk to someone for such a long time. Plus if the floor manager would not try and brush me off like I'm a the irritating bug I would not be that pissed. If I get the gift card will try and update!


Sass O said...

why dont you call the health department on them? that would be best case scenario.

is cheesecake factory considered a fine dining restaurant?

Sunshine said...

Calling the Health Dept is not my deal. That's another story but I was not going to do it. I think there is bugs in rest if is not serious and the staff can take care of it I don't mind!that's what I think.

To me is not really a fine dinning rest becoz bigger chain rest here are almost the same price but I read/saw some where is considered one so I just said it! :p...nahh not that high class or something! Hell I was wearing shorts :p

2crazydogs said...

I would have left that damn restaurant if the servers didn't do anything about the fruit flys the first time. Hopefully you get a nice chunk from the gift card she supposely gonna send you. :D


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