Monday, April 26, 2010

I miss.....

having them home with me when I'm at home
eating my meals with them
going out with them shopping for anything from groceries to clothes
getting up knowing that they are here with me
having them make my meals for me
ironing my clothes
doing my laundry
cleaning my house
playing with the puppies or taking them out for walks
coming home from work and have dinner ready for me
and most importantly I just miss spending time with them

Oh how I miss my parents so much! I've just been crazy with work ever since they left. Today my manager was nice enough to give me a day off because I've just been working too much! I'm thankful for that because I'm so beat that I really need the day off but now that I'm home I just miss my parents so much. Their room is untouched is still how it was when they left. I cannot stand the thought that they have gone home and I don't know when again I'll see them again. 

I think I'm just very emotional right now. I mean I know that I can always fly home or they can always fly here to see me but I just feel sad because my parents are not getting any younger and I want to take responsibility on taking care of them and I feel horrible because I am so far away and I cannot take care of them when they need me.

I know being at home today does not help the matter any better but I do have a lot of housework to attend to if I'll move my butt but at this moment in time I just don't have any motivation to do anything but just to sit around!


2crazydogs said...

Hey Melissa, I know what you mean about missing your parents, family. I miss my mom so much more now since after my dad passed away last year. I'm hoping one day soon i can go back to m'sia and live there be near her and take care of her. The good thing about us at work, work sort of takes away the sadness from the outside, but of course, deep down inside, I'm still very sad. Like you said, we chose this path to be away from our family we have to face the consequences. Cheer up, girl. by the way, i didn't get your fb request. let me send it to you....yours is your yahoo email right?

Sunshine said...

Hey Dawn!How's it going over there with you and the house situation?

I'm sorry to hear that your dad passed away. Did you get to go back for the funeral? How many siblings do you have? Can't you apply for a PR for your mom to stay here with you? I know at this moment you just want to be by your mom to help her in any way you could. That's how I feel about my parents they are still young and active but you know they are older so they are slower and somethings are just more difficult for them to do since they've aged.

You are right work will just take time away for us to think about all these sad things but deep down we are really hurt in there. Do you think DB would ever move to Malaysia?

Hey I've already sent you an email with my FB email. Add me since I have problem adding you in :)

You take care there too gal!

2crazydogs said...

I sent you a request on FB.

We are still in our house probably till May 5. We have a new buyer but our bank is taking its time still to approve the sale. Now we are just hunting for a house to house all 5 of us. Btw, hubby got a job. :)

No, I didnt get to go back for the funeral. My dad was suppose to go to China with my mom, bro and his gf and me in June last year. My bro already bought my trip (MN-Beijing) ticket at a discounted price and dates cannot be changed. So when my dad got really sick mid May and passed away all of a sudden in June, my mom said no need to come back since the funeral was 2 days after his passing.

My mom said she don't want to stay here...too cold and no friends. I guess at her age (70) she is so accustomed to her surroundings and she said she wants to move to Spore to be with my sister and family. My BIL actually asked her to move to Spore to live with them, mom said she will only after she is done with her cataract surgery which is in Dec this year. I also "fong sum" to hear that she has made that decision.

You know speaking about moving back to M'sia, my hubs actually was the one who said he wants to retire in M'sia, Pangkor Island to be precised!! He loves M'sia weather, places, people and food. If we have the chance we will move back to M'sia. All my friends in M'sia kept bugging me to move back and they said M'sians like Mat Sallehs, so hubs will have no problem looking for a job. Don't know how true that is, but we do have that idea of moving back to M'sia for good in our heads.

Did you and hubby thought of getting jobs in M'sia or Spore?

Sunshine said...

The buyer is still interested in the house? Did you guys every thought about not selling the house since you guys are not moving?

Congratulation on ur hubby's new job!!!I am sooo happy for you and the family!!Is a rock off your shoulder I bet!

At least your mom thinks of moving to S'pore which is much easier for her since they speak the same language and there is no winter there. Is nice to hear that your BIL is willing to invite your mom over! At least you don't have to worry about her no more but I know you will just miss her!

We are planning to apply PR for my parents but we are not sure when because my mom still works on contract basis and she loves her job. Is additional money for her and my dad runs a small business that keeps him busy. I think it'll be after my mom's contract runs out or something. We'll see...

I love going back home and spending time with my family and friends back home but living there again is just not my cup of tea. I don't think I can ever live there again because of the politics with the government etc. My parents do not want us to stay there anyway that was the whole reason why from the beginning they have always encourage us to go overseas and try our luck there if we have an opportunity we should stay away!LOL..Home is a nice place to visit etc but not move back permanently.

They treat mat salleh good etc but you know is not easy for them to get PR but since you guys are married it will be easier but I heard there is lots of restrictions. Not sure though coz we've never thought of moving back there and from the beginning I told my hubs that I will not move back there just because life is different there. very different!you know what I mean?


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