Friday, July 16, 2010

Kitchen Collections

I've been waiting for the mail man to show up with my present for almost one week. Finally when I got back from work this was what greeted me in front of my door.

 I finally bit the bullet and ordered this from last Sunday.
My very own pullman bread pan with cover! I've been eying on this pan for a long time when I a lot of bloggers blogging about it  so when my parents was planning to visit the other time I was going to ask my mom to go get it for me from the bakery supply store in Malaysia since they are located so near to my house but I forgot! Now I have to spend more than I wanted to on this pan because I don't know when I'll go back to Malaysia or when they will come again.

Since hubs always complains about the shape of my bread and how difficult it is for him to make a sandwich out of the different shape of my loaves he does not have any excuses (hopefully) to reject my bread to make sandwiches for work. I'm excited and cannot wait to try my new pan although the hubs is complaining I'm constantly buying new pans and our cabinets are full actually packed with pans :P


2crazydogs said...

I thought the bread pan used for banana bread can be used for baking regular ignorant I am with baking and cooking utensils. Yes, I really looking forward to your next bread making with this pan. Want to see how the bread turns out.

Sunshine said...

The banana bread pan can be used to bake regular bread too..In fact I have 3 of them but the shape comes out weird and my hubs always complain about the shape. I tried using my pan yesterday and it worked great but my dough didn't rise high enough to make it a perfect square but that bread was awesome..I finally have a Hubby approve bread! I'll share that recipe when I make another loaf :)


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