Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Free Money (Practically)

I've been using Swagbucks for a good half a year to a year now. At first I was hesitant about swagbucking because I assumed it was a scam but I've totally changed my mind.

You can read about how swagbucks work here. Honestly I've already redeem about $80 worth of gift card with my swagbucks points. All I have to do is just use their search engine and I will earn points. If I'm going to be searching anyways why not use swagbucks right?

I strongly urge you guys to try swagbucks. Eventually when you save enough points you can redeem anything you one which I normally redeem Amazon gift cards. To get started just click here and you'll be on your way to earning swagbuck points and redeeming your gift! Best of both worlds :)


2crazydogs said...

Serious? I will have to check that it out.

Sunshine said...

I just spend $45 over in Amazon but I didn't claim enough gift card so I just pa bout $3..kekeke...I would not lie trust me!:)


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