Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Christmas Giveaway (Back dated post)

This post is long over due. I was supposed to blog about this but I've been so busy that I barely have time to blog or even play on my facebook! ^_^

Gert from My Kitchen Snippets had a Christmas Giveaway obviously during the Christmas season 2009 and she was giving away books (which was the exact same one that I saw in the book store and wanted to get it) and I decided to participate in him hoping that I will win. Since I don't go on the computer all the time I set my phone up to receive emails and one day when I was at work I got the email from Gert that I won the book! I was ecstatic because I really wanted the book. I didn't put much hope that I would actually be picked but I was extremely happy when she asked me for my address to send the book to me!

I would love to thank Gert deep down from my heart for having this giveaway and generously giving away the books! Although at this moment I don't have time to utilize this book but as soon as I have time I will definitely utilize the book to the maximum. Thank you again for the book! xoxo


2crazydogs said...

hey melissa, how are you doing? long time no hear frm you on your blog. I'm still here in MN...not moving to TX till God knows when.

Sunshine said...

Hi Dawn!

I was laughing when I saw this message because I just send you a message at your blog too :)

Work has been extremely busy for me which is bad and good. I've not even had time to log in to my FB!!!I use to go on it everyday!!So I'm not use to it..

I have sooo many things to blog about but just has to wait because need to get other thing done first.

I'm doing alright just pretty frustrated with work too. What about you? So what are your plans now since you guys are not moving to TX now?


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