Monday, April 2, 2012

Hakka Braised Pork with Fungus or Char Chu Yoke

My late grandmother was a great cook. Our entire family loves her dishes. My uncle, her second son actually managed to learn how to cook some of her yummy dishes.

When we were over in Australia my uncle cooked this dish one night and we all devoured it. My grandma's still taste nicer but this was good too. No complains! The pork was not too skinny or fat. Lovely!! I ate so much of it!

I've been pretty bumped out missing my family in Malaysia and Australia. I was also talking to one of my cousin when suddenly I thought about this dish that I had in Australia! I know I have pork in my freezer, fungus that my mom brought over for my confinement and fermented bean over when she was here staying with me. I have the rest of the basic ingredients so why not attempt to make it?

I quickly when online and see how others made it to grasp a better idea on exactly what I needed. I had everything that I needed so I quickly got the pork from the freezer to thaw it out.


Pork Belly
Fungus (Soaked)


2-3 cubes of Nam Yue ( Red Fermented Bean Curd)

1-2 tsp five spice powder

2 tsp white pepper

1 tbsp sugar

2-3 tsp light soy sauce

2 tsp Shaoxing Wine

1 tsp sesame oil

For frying

5 cups of peanut oil

1 egg

3 tbsp of All Purpose flour

1 tbsp of corn flour

For gravy

3-4 cubes nam yue

1 head of garlic

3 cups water

1tbsp oyster sauce


1. Marinate the meat for a least 2 hrs (preferably overnight)

2. Mix together both flour.

3. Dip pork in the egg then flour. Fry pork in hot oil until golden brown

4.  Sautee garlic and nam yue. Then add in fungus and oyster sauce.

5. Add water in the container you used to marinate the pork. Pour the water in the pot.

6. Add fried pork and bring water to boil. Simmer pork for about 1hr or until pork is tender. Season with salt or sugar.

Over all the pork turned out pretty good. My only complain is I didn't put enough nam yue in the sauce. The taste for the pork turned out pretty good. I would definitely make this again. I cooked two egg noodles and some vegetables then pour the pork on it then added chili paid. I froze the rest and will slowly devoured them. 


2crazydogs said...

yummmm, this dish brings back memories of the past. you are hakka too? my grandma and parents cooked this dish a lot. even my sis will cook it some times.

Sunshine said...

It brings back lots of wonderful memory for me too :) yupp Hakka.. U too??? Surpringsly is not difficult to cook this at all!!

2crazydogs said...

hehehe, yes, i am hakka..those "puun toong sui" kind! i can understand but when i open my mouth to speak, dielah!

Sunshine said...

Hahaha.. Me too!! I worst don't know how much I understand now!


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