Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Apple Family

I never thought that I would actually buy Apple. Everything all started when hubs wanted the iPod. Hubs had been asking to get an iPod for the longest time and since we both own mp3 players I didn't think that we needed the iPod (if you asked me the iPod was a total waste of money). I finally decided to give in for I think his birthday.

Apple iPod classic 160 GB Black (7th Generation) NEWEST MODEL

Since I've been asking to change cell phone provider so I can get an iPhone for some time too hubs decided that we will change service provider so I can get the iPhone. So we welcomed the second Apple electronic in our home.

Apple iPhone 4 Black Smartphone 32GB (AT&T)

Then ever since I worked in the advertisement department at my old job and used MAC I've loved using MAC ever since then. I did not want to get a MAC because it's pretty expensive compared to a PC. So last year for my birthday hubs decided to get me a MAC for my birthday hence we welcomed out third Apple appliance.

Apple MacBook Air MC968LL/A 11.6-Inch Laptop (NEWEST VERSION)

Not long after we got our MAC hubs suggested we got the iPad. I refuse to get the iPad since we already have the MAC and look at what happened when he wanted to get the iPod? He's only used it once or twice and now is sitting nicely in the drawer because he's solely using his iPhone. iPad 2 launched not long and again he tried and persuaded me to get the iPad. I refuse to give in to his request until the baby was born. I read that Apple has apps for flash cards and educational soft ware for toddler to kids. I was thinking about it and since the screen for the iPhone is small I would not be able to do flash card with nick. I asked hubs if we should get an iPad for nick and of course my hubby raised his hands and feet agreeing to get the iPad for his precious son. I discuss it with my mom too and she thought that we should not spend the money but after talking to her a little more she said she would get it for nick. Hubs said that we will buy it so mom don't have to buy it which is fine with me. I just didn't know if I wanted to spend so much money for  a 7 weeks old baby. Well I guess that's just an excuse for us to get the last (at the moment) Apple electronic item in the house.

Apple iPad 2 MC979LL/A Tablet (16GB, Wifi, White) NEWEST MODEL
So I have the complete family of Apple collection now. From someone that had none Apple electronic items to the complete family we've came a long way a year. Lets hope that we will really use the iPad with nick now!


2crazydogs said...

Good for you. I will wait for my turn which by then the iPad2 would be obsolete! :)

Btw, my hubs has to stay back while I go on my vacation becoz he still is not working which is driving me insane and pokai!

Sunshine said...

I didn't want to get it at first but if the baby can use it for education purpose then get i think is an investment.

What happen to the job DB got? When did he quit that job? He's on the job market now?

Well be thankful both of you and the three kids are in good health! :) we r spending so much money on Stanley to try and help him with his allergies. Looks like we might have to move up north to help him :(

2crazydogs said...

The hub's boss fired him for bad attendance. He said he didn't like the job anyway. Well, all I have to say is his drive for alcohol is stronger than looking for a job until now. He has contacted several recruiters but nothing yet. If it's not me complaining about paying every single bill, rent and dog bills, he won't even do anything.

Yes, I am actually thankful for my job and good health. Actually the dogs visits to the vet has cut down a lot since I cannot pay some of them - shots and heartworm tests.

Poor Stanley, I feel for you, Melissa about his allergies. Is he on steroids? Ranger is and on a mild dose. That helps him plus taking some anti-depressant pills too.

Sunshine said...

Bad attendance? That's now good considering that was his new job! Even if u forced him to look for one would he actually stay at one? His far r u from the WI boarder? I know before I left menomonie,WI had a walmart distribution center and they pay pretty good. Not sure if you guys are close enough and if he's interested. When did the hubs took up the alcohol habit?

Stanley is on allergy shots once a wk. He also get a topical solution on him I think is like omega 3 or some oil. A dog from Canada had horrible allegy and he uses the topical and it worked for him so we r giving it a shot. He also has a prescription shampoo and lotion.

We talked about the depression meds but dr and hubs decided on the topical first. We r hoping to at least find something that will help him he's so miserable always wanting to itch. We feel so bad for him.

I'm sure if is true but they said that steroid can shortens the pets life so just take it easy on that. And it might not be true too..

2crazydogs said...

We used to give Ranger allergy shots too but they don't work for him. Also we wanted to give him some kind of topical solution but I forgot the name now, it was too expensive, so we resort to mild steroids and anti depressants. Surprisingly the anti depressants does not knock him out. in fact he is more active.

Regarding my hubs, he has been drinking all the time but quit for some years and started back last year coz he said he wants to! His family are very dysfunctional - alcohol, duis, and drugs. One of the reasons he wanted to stay up here is to stay away from those but the alcohol he can't. I do feel bad for him and his siblings (9 of them) all are into drinking but only a handful knows how to control it. They said it's genetic which I believe its true.

We are quite far to WI boarder. I won't know if he will stay at a job if he finds one. No point worrying about it now. I'm just taking one day at a time, going with the flow for now.

Sunshine said...

The topical solution that we r giving him is like omega oil some kind of deal. I don't think is that expensive.

Is so difficult to say. Is your hubs seeing a counselor or something? Hopefully if he finds something he'll stick to it and not think about the alcohol.

Would he do something like work from home?


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